Friday Favorites (3/29/13)

Happy Good Friday to you..

It is that time again..  time to showcase some of my favorite things from the week:

1).  My new Chevron Print Washi tape..  (awesome!)

2).  The Easter Egg Themed Place Settings and Picks I made using plastic spoons, ribbon, and my new washi tape.

3).  Decorating a Charger for some simple and lovely Easter Décor using Washi Tape (again),
     did I mention washi tape is awesome..? :0)

4).  Sharing how I recently got my Linen Closet Organized and I had enough room for my nail polish storage to fit neatly inside..  Wahoooo.

5).  My absolute favorite part of the week however is...   EASTER ~  Jesus is Lord!

 I hope you all have a wonderful & blessed Easter holiday.

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Linen Closet Organization Before and After

I started working on reorganizing our linen closet and giving it a makeover,
and it has made quite a transformation over the last few weeks..

Here is the somewhat scary before picture..

Ok.. it wasn't too scary.. it had some organization, but it definately had been overtaken
by things that didn't belong.. (like the cute scarecrows which I considered removing before taking
that photo.. but decided i would keep it real.)  :o)

Candle Jar Turned into Cloche Jar

If you follow my blog then you already know we use a lot of jar candles.. :0)

Well, we used another Jar candle up and I decided to make a glass cloche jar with it,
so I cleaned it up.      (Here is the link on how I  re purpose Jars.)

Then I decided what I would use to complete the project:
My cleaned up Jar from a candle, 2 magnets that I had that actually came with a magnetic wipe erase board, glue, and then for a base I just used a glass base. (purchased years ago by the candles)

DIY Easter Egg Picks with Washi Tape

I was putting groceries away yesterday after a quick trip to the store, and when I
saw the plastic spoons.. I thought to myself.. that they would make a cute Easter egg pick
with some washi tape..

So I had to try it..

Easter Decor with chevron washi tape and a Charger

I decided to give a Charger Plate a quick change to add into my Easter decor..  using washi tape.

Friday Favorites (3/22/13)

Friday Favorites.. showcasing a few of my favorite things from the week.
This week has went by fast, probably because it was Spring break for us. :0)

Here are a few of my favorites from the week..
(although there were many, many more)

1).  Our St. Patrick's Day cake that I made and 'attempted' to decorate all fancy like.. everyone liked it, so I will call that a win.  :0)

2).  My recycled pop bottle turned Cloche Jar for some thrifty Easter décor.

3).  Another recycled project.. my bargain bins from Ice cream Plastic Containers.

4).  Coffee and lots of it.

5). Craft projects.. like my DIY Jewelry Display, and several others..

My all time favorite.. getting to spend extra time with my kids since they were on break, and car searching with my son. It has been a great week!

I am looking forward to the weekend.. even though it is officially Spring, we are suppose to get snow.
I do believe I am ready for some spring temperatures, but ya never know what kind of weather we will get in KS. :0)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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My Bargain Bins for Craft Storage

I have been spring cleaning and organizing in several area's of our home..
and one of those projects has been my craft space.

I have been working on organizing it a little better, and wanted to find some containers
for my shelves.. and then realized the container that our ice cream comes in would
be perfect.  They are a square shape with a lid.

So I started saving them.. and whenever we have emptied an ice cream tub.. I wash it up, dry it, and decorate it.

My Bargain Storage Bins.. :0)

DIY Jewelry Display using a frame

I noticed I wear the same jewelry pretty much most of the time..
I have a few 'go to' favorites.. and then the others are kinda hidden away.

Well, I decided I would like to display a few pieces of jewelry on my dresser, but wanted a stand type of display.

I knew I wanted to use Cork, so I picked up a package of cork board sheets at hobby lobby a while back.

I was debating whether to build an easel or frame, but I went for simple on this project and decided to use a picture frame.. so I got a 8 x 10 photo frame, and my exacto knife.. (and scissors - not shown)

Friday Favorites.. 3/15/13

 Friday is here.. that means it is time to showcase some of my favorite things
from the week..  it also means that we have spring break next week.. WAHOOOO! :0)

1). My DIY Leaning Ladder Shelf.. It is exactly what I wanted, and I am
     thrilled with how it looks.

2). Updating a Mirror with gray/white chevron and my cricut.. love how a simple
     change, and a couple minutes of time, can give such a different look.

3). Finding this wire basket while looking in the craft department. It is adorable. :0)

4). Snacks.. just because.

5). Changing out my purse for one of my favorite pink bags.. bring on spring!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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A large Burlap Bow for a rustic wreath

I thought I would share the basic idea of bow making in case it might help someone
in their own bow making adventures..

I am using a large size 5" wide roll of burlap for this bow.. while generally a bow will be made with much smaller ribbons.. hopefully using such a large scale for a tutorial will make it a little easier to show you.

Let's get started..

I have my supplies ready to go.. a wreath, floral wire, wire cutters, scissors (not in photo), and roll of burlap.

A Wonderful Home Made DIY Ladder Shelf

I shared a 'sneak peek' with you on Friday about this project..

and I am so happy with how this project turned out, I have been looking forward to sharing it with you.

Let's get to it, shall we?

We have this kind of awkward space between the garden tub and linen closet.. it measures 10" wide.
So it is really too small for a hamper, or anything else that I have tried to fit in there.

I have been trying to figure out what to do in this space for quite some time.. and I finally decided I wanted a skinny leaning shelf, or maybe a old ladder turned into a leaning shelf for this space. Well,  I really didn't want to destroy my lovely old step ladder because it is still in perfect working order, so I decided I was just going to make one.

So I brought in some 8 foot long 2x4's so I could get a visual idea of how it would look..
I wanted to make sure it was going to work before I started.

I liked how it looked in the space, (using my imagination of course)
so on with the project...

I had already purchased a basket that I wanted to fit on the 'shelves' just in case.. :0)
So I held it up between the boards so I could get an idea of the measurements I needed, and decided I needed to make the "shelves"  15 3/8 inches long, so the basket could easily be placed on or taken off the shelf.

So I went to the garage and cut 5 boards at 15 3/8 inches in length.
Then I got out my sander.. and proceeded to sand the boards.

Then I took them all back inside.. and worked on assembling it all..
 and after about 30 minutes or so..

 (because I couldn't find the drill, and I had to put the screws in the old fashioned way.. yep, with a screwdriver, at least it was a ratchet style - that helped! ha..)

Love it..
To finish it up I painted it white, letting some of the natural wood show through here and there for a fun shabby look.    and then I decorated it.

Here it is!!!!

It took me approximately 2 hours making this by myself.. (everyone was at work or school).. so if I would have had help I am sure it would've been a lot faster.. (and if I could've found the drill) :0)

I think it looks perfect in this space.. and adds some extra organization as well.. win, win!

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Friday Favorites (3/8/2013)

It is time to showcase some of my favorite things from the week..

1).   I made this fun Easter Vase for the upcoming Easter holiday..  love.

2).   Organizing my Nail Polish somewhere besides my desk drawer.

3).  Getting this shelf put together for our guest bathroom.

4). The colorful candy, inside a mason jar, displayed on top of my DIY glass base..
      loving that aqua color!

5). The first sign of Spring.. bring on the flowers!

I have a really neat project I am working on,
and I will be sharing with you next week..

Sneak peek anyone?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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DIY glass base for Jars or Votives

When I started this project I thought I would make a DIY apothecary jar..
but as I went along.. Well, I changed my mind.  :0)

I have this adorable little jar that my daughter got me that came in a incense gift set..
and I knew I wanted to reuse it for something.  So here is what I came up with.

(note: You could also use a glass candlestick holder for this project)

So I got some supplies together and changed it up as I went..

Nail polish storage..

I have been working on kitchen organization quite a bit lately, I have
gotten a lot done, but I still consider it a work in progress.. so I will have more
coming in the future... but I decided to switch it up a little today. :0) 

I have quite a collection of nail polish these days..
I would say it is because my daughter has gotten me hooked on it.. :0) 
She has her fingernails painted in some fancy design just about all the time. 
She is a talented girl.. and it is something we enjoy doing together.

Ok so back to my nail polish collection.
It was taking up way too much space in my desk drawer, so
I decided to find a storage spot elsewhere.

I had seen this idea before when I was searching for shelves..
I ran across wood shelves that were custom built for nail polish. (or spices)

I am not sure why I didn't do it back then.. but anyways, now that the nail polish
it getting a little out of control.. :0)  I decided to go with it.

So I searched until I found this small wooden spice rack to re-purpose
 as my 'nail polish storage.'
I decided beforehand that if I didn't like it.. I could always use it for small photo's, jewelry storage,
 or who knows.. :0)

Here is the outcome..

I like that I can see all of them in one spot..
I like that it is small enough I can hang it inside a closet..
I like that they are not in my desk anymore. :0)

I may have to paint the shelf one of these days.. but for now I am liking the dark stain.

So, how do you organize your nail polish?

DIY Easter Vase

I was thinking about some different idea's of how to decorate for Easter, and
I have several clear glass vases that I have received over the years with beautiful
bouquets of flowers.. so I decided to makeover one with an Easter theme.

I picked out a vase, some white spray paint, and painters tape.

Then I taped off 3 lines along the neck of the vase, and a cross design at the bottom.
For the cross I just ripped the tape.. with a piece for the vertical part, and another
piece for the horizontal overlay.  I ripped the horizontal one lengthwise as well so it wasn't as wide.
I also just left the edges jagged.. I just liked the look. 
 (You could use scissors if you prefer more of a straight line)

Next I took it outside and sprayed it with a couple of coats of white paint.

After it was dry, I peeled off the tape.
Then I got out my other supplies... :0)  Couldn't stop there! 

I used a silver metallic paint pen to outline the cross..
I used the Easter grass to stuff into the vase.. I love how you can see the Easter grass
through the clear cross, and stripes.  Cute pop of color.
Then I added some flowers, some sparkle egg picks, and a pastel bow.

and here is how it turned out.. 

Can you see the green Easter grass peeking through the clear glass?
 I kinda wish I would've used a pale pastel pink paint, or
a pale light blue perhaps..  but I do like the white. :0)

It will make a lovely centerpiece in my table scape for Easter.. and it was
very inexpensive because I had most the items on hand. 

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DIY Jar Candle Lid

We go through a lot of Jar Candles,
they are lit daily in our house and usually in several area's of the home.

Which leads to a lot of those glass jar lids..
Some of them have a flat top, and those are the ones I am using
for this project.

 In the past I have found them to be useful as a riser for small objects, to add a little height
 to something when you need to in your decorating layout across a shelf, or side table.
(So I usually have a couple of them laying around for that reason.)

Well, I decided to see what I could make from one..
and here is what I did..

I flipped it over, and took the rubber seal off..

Friday Favorites.. (3/01/13)

It is time for my top 5 Friday Favorites..  showcasing a few of my favorite things from the

1).   Another snow storm came through.. but how beautiful! God paints the prettiest pictures.
2).   Due to the snow storm, we had power out for a little while.. and school was cancelled.
       So we played Yahtzee to pass the time.

3).  Giving my Pantry a Makeover.

4). Using my new chalkboard labels all over my house.. (available Here)

5). Having home made Enchilada's.. yum.

Have a great weekend!

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