Going Red

So if you have read my Pantry Posts .. you already know that I chose to
paint my living room and kitchen a lighter shade.

Well, I also decided to change my beloved orange wall..
I do love that color.. (cinnamon stick)

(to see a tour of my kitchen before the pantry go Here )

My Pantry

I am excited to share my completed pantry with you today.

If you missed the previous posts about my pantry project you can see
the decision to make one Here,
and several photo's of my progress as I built it Here.

Drum roll please...

Here is the outside of my new pantry..

Pantry Project - part 2 - The shelves

So after getting the outside of my pantry completed,
I worked on the inside..

(See Part 1 on my pantry progress:Here)

After the sheet rock, paint and so on was done,
it was time to work on my shelves.

I first started by deciding where to place my shelves.
I took into consideration how much space our small deep freeze would need
for the door to open, and then also how far apart I wanted the shelves to be
for the items I would be placing on them.

After those decisions were made,
I drew a pencil line level around the interior where I wanted
to place my shelves.
Then I cut some 1" x 2"'s to use as cleats, and using my pencil line as a guide
placed them inside.    

Pantry Project in progress - part 1

Pantry Project begins..

(If you missed the post on my decision process for my pantry 
placement you can see it by going Here 
and if you'd like to see photo's of my kitchen and the reason behind
my pantry project go Here .)

So it started.. the decision was made and I got to work..

I started by removing the baseboard and crown molding, and then I
got to work.. and those boards that I have been looking at for a couple of weeks?
Well, they finally got screwed to the floor.

Pantry Project - the decision where to put it

So in my last post I shared 2 options of where I was debating to put a pantry.


I actually took a long time to decide this..