Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas,

Hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed holiday!

                                                                                                                                      - TinaH

Surprise Christmas Tree Themes - Beauty & Candy

I have a small Christmas Tree set up in each of my kids rooms,
but so far they have just had Christmas lights on them.

That simply won't do. 😉

I decided to decorate them with a "surprise" just in time for them coming
home for Christmas.
  (my kids are young adults now 19 and 22)

For my daughters room I decided to go with a "beauty-full tree"  get it? :0) Lol.

Last Minute Gifts - on a budget

It is crunch time as they say.. 10 days til Christmas. (huh???)
10 days til Christmas!
Wow.. Are you ready? 

I almost am..*gulp*  just a few things I still need to pick up and then
get our food plan figured out.   So excited my kids will be home!

Since I am in the homestretch of my Christmas shopping,
I thought I would put together a last minute gift roundup for those
of us (*uh hmm*) that are not quite finished just yet with our Christmas

Under $50.00

                            Have you played Catan?
We purchased this board game in the last year after it was highly recommended,
and since then have added even more expansions to it.. and we really like it.
(*great reviews)
    This.. The Fire Tv stick with Alexa Remote.
I recently purchased this and really glad that I did!
I am a prime member so to me it just made sense after I saw what it could do.
I can watch prime movies and many other programs on any of our tv's
now. (smart or not)    (*note that some require purchase)
I also like I can simply tell the remote to play music from my amazon library,
or a certain song etc..  yep, still figuring out all this can do, and enjoying it.

                      A Sonicare Toothbrush.
 I realize not everyone will appreciate this gift, Lol.

I recently switched to a sonicare and I was impressed with the difference it makes from a traditional
toothbrush.. and because of that, even though I was pretty much done shopping, I went ahead and decided my family are all getting one this year as well. :0)
(*Currently a 10.00 off coupon is available on select ones on amazon,
 however this could change at any time)

(I think my family is all aware this is going to be under the tree for them, so this isn't a surprise to them if they see it here. Lol.)

Under $30.00

             I picked this item (Echo Dot) because I am pleased with the fire stick/alexa remote that I purchased.. I do not have this gadget yet, but from what I have seen in reviews and online.. it may be something I will go ahead and add to our home soon.
(Especially since it is on sale for 29.99 - reg 49.99)
 Anyone have it? What do you think?

                A Portable Bluetooth Speaker.. I have been looking for a portable speaker to take outside to my studio when I am working, this one has pretty good reviews and is fairly inexpensive, but do you all have any suggestions? Have one you like?

Under $20.00


Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Sorry.. The Classics had to be included!
We are a board game playing family and we enjoy all of these..
we can be a tad competitive, and we have LOTS of games between all of us,
but these will always be in the mix and I thought it was nice to see the classic editions. Fun.

So how are you doing with your Christmas Shopping?
Done?  Just starting?

I am still amazed there are only 10 days til Christmas.. :0)
We actually have a family Christmas this weekend so I will get to
see my kids this weekend too! Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend!


                                                                                                              - TinaH

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Master Bedroom Gets New Floors

I previously redid the floors in the guest room and our daughters bedroom
and I decided that I liked how they turned out so much that I should do
our master bedroom.

So a trip to Home Depot was in order. :0)

Then the "Fun" began...

I started by clearing out the room, removing the baseboard, and then 
started ripping out the carpet and padding.. and of course
the task of removing somewhere around 589,742  staples. (give or take) :0)

After getting the sub-floor all cleaned up and ready to go, I moved on to the next step of
getting all my tools together.

I used a prybar (similar here), a kit that included a block, spacers, etc. that we found
(Similar Here),  a Rubber Mallet, a Hammer, Tape Measure, Compound Miter Saw,
my new Ryobi airstrike for replacing the baseboards (so glad I finally got one),  etc.

Then it was time to get to work..
First up the underlayment, then I got started with the
flooring.. it went pretty quickly overall, and just like the other 2 rooms that I have
done, I am really pleased with the results!

Since Christmas is upon us,
I had to add in a few Christmas touches here and there..
A fun Plaid Throw, (similar here) or (here),
a black and white Buffalo Check Pillow (similar here),
and this whimsical handmade Santa sits at the foot of the bed.
   (he was made by my mother in law)

I also added my DIY Christmas Pillow
  (See how I made it here..)

To the top of this dresser I added my fabric wrapped Christmas Tree's Trio that I made,
and my new ornament I picked up this year.. 
Isn't this snowman adorable?

I also placed a large snowman in the corner so you see it from the living room.
(This cute fella was handmade by my mom)   

I have mentioned several times that we have a fairly small home..
but we love it.
We make the best use of the space that we can and what works for us.

I do have my larger computer in this space, and recently bought a new desk/chair
which I am very happy with.   I know this isn't necessarily the ideal spot,
and I did move it to the guest room/craft room at one point, but I eventually
ended up putting it back. :0)

Maybe one of these days I will move it out again, but for now this works.
(to each their own)

(you can see my cow print mouse pad diy Here )

So there they are.. my new floors. Yay!
(They are actually a little darker than they are showing up in some of the photo's)

(color is: saratoga hickory)

I have been debating on putting them in our kitchen as well, but
I will probably think on that one a while.

I may also eventually get a rug for this room,
but for now I am just enjoy seeing the pretty new

- TinaH

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Save Vs Splurge - Boots

It is boot weather here and I thought it would be fun to put together
a save vs splurge post..  boot style.

It is really boot weather year round here.. as a country girl boots kind of go with the
territory. They are pretty much a go to around our place when working
outdoors..  but there are some styles that certainly have a place and time, and while I am
not so fond of the cold weather, I am glad it is technically boot weather and my
riding boots can enter the shoe/boot rotation. :0) 

(You can see more of my Closet Here)

So let's get to it,  I will start with a few fun riding boot styles.

(You can see the 'save vs. splurge' prices by hovering over the image 
with your cursor, and if you'd like to check them out further the images
are linked to the product - *see my disclosure policy at the bottom of this post)

Riding Boots:

Ankle Boots:

and I had to include a few random Western Boots

 There are soooo many cute styles of boots out there, I know this barely scratched the
surface.   Can I just say those teal boots are calling my name! Lol. 
(These are some of my favorites for my go to boots.)

So what are your favorite style of boots?   
Wedge? Heel/No Heel? Short/Tall? None at all? :0)                                  

     - TinaH

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Embrace the You

I was having a decent hair/makeup type of day the other day,
so I decided maybe it was time to take a new photo. 

I like photography and while I am definitely not a professional I certainly
enjoy it as a amateur..  however, selfies are not something I particularly enjoy.

I kept hitting the delete button.

Every photo I took, I was like 'eh', and I was literally picking it apart.
Then I realized several minutes had went by of basically talking to myself about
every flaw I could see, and about how wrong I was in every single photo.

When I finally realized what I was spending wasting my time doing,
 I also realized that God was dealing with me about my self-talk,
 and it was time to stop degrading myself.

I think there are so many times we can talk so ugly to ourselves.. and
because it can become a common practice we don't even realize that we are doing it.

I know I am guilty of it.

Even now, my first reaction/response is that I should photoshop that..
 or I should redo the picture for this post, I see this.. I see that..  but I am keeping it real
and posting the photo that somehow didn't get deleted from my iphone.
(although I can think of a few reasons why it should.. :0) ya see, there I go again)
However, since this photo was a part of the light bulb going on moment of
realizing what I was doing, and  dealing with self-talk,
and a part of the inspiration for this post.. I am just going to keep it real.

So go ahead and take that photo, that selfie, and join in on the group pictures..
 especially this time of year with all the holiday events coming up,
and just embrace the you that makes you You! 

The challenge of that may very well be not to pick yourself apart when you see the photo's,
(it certainly has been my first response to a photo of myself - but I am working on that!)
and realize you are one of a kind, loved, and more likely than not.. you are probably
the only one seeing those 'flaws and imperfections'.

I know there have been times that I have pointed out something
to my husband and he really just doesn't see it..  it is so glaringly obvious
to me, but not something that he see's at all.
 In fact he will tell me how beautiful I  am. (He is the best)

Enough of the 'eh'..
Embrace the You..
After all,
You are God's handiwork, fearfully and wonderfully made.
Unique and with a purpose.

Have a blessed day!

                                                                                           - TinaH

(makeup used:  It Cosmetics Concealer,
I currently use a mixture for my foundation of about half/half
 of It Cosmetics CC Cream with this Lumi  foundation to get my desired color.
 Makeup Forever HD Powder. Voluminous Mascara,
 Butter Bronzer,  Physicians Formula Highlighter,
and one of my favorites is the Anastasia Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil found Here or Here.)

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Cool Weather Favorites

The weather has been up and down, but mostly it has been really nice to us
so far.. but we are suppose to have a cold front come through and the warm temps are about
to take a plunge.    (I am not quite ready for that) :0)

While I have been in full Christmas shopping mode, I have been seeing several of my go to cooler weather items on sale, so I thought I would share a few of my favorites:

Hand/Body Lotion is a kind of a must have this time of year, my hands can get pretty dry.
A good smelling candle is a definite around here as well.. pumpkin spice, apple spice, hazelnut, and on and on.
A pair of fuzzy, comfy  shoes or slippers are nice for staying indoors (these particular
ones are by skechers and while they are technically suppose to be a shoe, I use them for a slipper).
Tech gloves are handy for your touch screens, a cute Scarf, and of course fuzzy socks,
who doesn't love a good pair of fuzzy socks. :0)

This crossbody bag really doesn't have as much to do with cool weather as it does the shopping season.. but it is definitely one of my go to bags for hands free shopping.  However, it gets a
lot of use all year long whenever I want to be hands free or not fuss with a big bag.
It's by Lug and super lightweight, converts from crossbody to shoulder bag, and I think you can even go fanny pack style with it if you so choose to.  It has RFID protection and comes in several color choices (I bought a pretty burnt orange one when I purchased mine) and it has a lot of organization.
 Definitely a favorite.

My other go to for cooler weather would have to be this jacket.
I actually have this one in several colors (thanks to coming across a mega clearance sale last year 
at just the right time) :0) 
It is warm and cozy without being too big and bulky in my opinion.

Lastly I had to add these boots to the list, I picked these up a couple months ago,
hoping they would be comfortable, (fingers crossed) and I was pleasantly surprised.
I really thought I would most likely have to return them since I ordered them online without trying them on.. but I decided to give it a try because I really liked the looks of them and they had good reviews.
It seems like I have the hardest time finding a pair of  shoes/boots (unless they are sneakers)
that are cute and comfortable, so I was pleased these fit the bill.   

Other cool weather go to's would have to be Coffee (does that count if that is a basic everyday, doesn't matter what the weather is doing go to?), and of course sweatshirts and hoodies, 
yep.. I do appreciate a good hoodie! :0)

What are some of your favorite cool weather items?

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The busy of every day and A Look Back - Christmas 2016

Happy December 2017!

and a early Merry Christmas!?! Huh? 
Where has this year went I wonder.

Such a busy year..
a graduation, planning, prepping, and helping our daughter move for College,
holidays, birthdays, and can I just say... the busy of every day life. 

Before you know it, a year has went by.

So hello there,
I know it has been a while..

I thought I would start off this day with a look back at our Christmas Decor 2016.
My first flocked tree.. love.

My  Snowman that I made from wood embroidery hoops