Amazing Solar Light Idea's using simple items from Dollar Tree

I thought it would be fun to put together a video using solar lights from Dollar Tree and see what
other idea's that I could come up with!

In fact most of the items used in the video are from Dollar Tree!

So I picked up some solar lights from Dollar Tree and looked around for other items that I could use with them besides the traditional in the ground lights. 

So let's take a look at what I came up with!

(Please note that these idea's all show up so much better with much better detail in the video than they do in the photo's so if you'd like to see the video I have it linked below the post!)

First up I used a glass candle holder. 

I simply placed a rubber band around the bottom of the solar light to help it fit more snuggly into the holder!  Simply lovely.

The next idea was to use a small glass globe/votive holder and I simply took the top off of the solar light and glued it to the bottom of the globe then flipped it upside down.

The next idea I had was to use a glass star that I found.
I thought this would be a fun idea for the 4th of July holiday as well. 
I simply used the top of a solar light and glued it to the bottom and turned it over just like I did
with the globe.

How cute is that. 

If you have followed my blog then you have probably seen this diy before because I shared this one
years ago!

For a taller light option I simply use a dowel rod that I had previously purchased at walmart which 
fit into the solar light.
I used spray paint to paint the dowel rod to match the light and in this case it is silver, 
then removed the stake portion of the light and placed my light onto the dowel.
Waaahlaaa! Tall solar light.. really fun in groups near a patio etc. 

(I share a picture of this in my video)

One of my favorite dollar tree finds thus far has got to be this textured jar.
I thought it would be perfect.

So I removed the lid and added the top of the solar light.. perfect fit and oh my it is pretty
at night all lit up!

I was so happy with that one I went back and made one with a hanger to use as a lantern.

I used a heavy gauge wire to make the hanger on the top of the jar, 
and seriously, isn't that one of the prettiest solar lights ever.
(especially for a whopping $2.00)

Another fun tabletop idea is to simply tuck a light or lights into a planter with some beautiful
flowers.. just a stunner, especially with light colored flowers that really glow at night with some

To see more of my Solar Light idea's check out my video on my YouTube channel!
(Also shows how I made my wire hanger for my lantern light)

So which is your favorite?  Mine would have to be the lantern!
I really need to go pick up more of those jars. 😉

- Tina

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