Friday Favorites.. (5/31/13)


Friday is here, and I am so ready for the weekend!

Time to show off some of my favorite's from the week.

#1).  Our Fishing trip.. it was a lot of fun!

#2).  Coffee - and lots of it!

#3).  Checking off the 'To-Do' List!

#4).  At times we had some amazing weather.. when we weren't storm watching that is. :0)
        (We have had a lot of storms come through KS this week, calling for more today)

#5).  Favorite photo..  these amazing clouds that I had to get a photo of with my iphone..
         they were  just stunning!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Daily imperfections..

As I sit here exhausted from a busy day, I find myself thinking about all the things I still need to get done.. And where I wasted time during the day...  And, what I  think I should've gotten done.. and so on, and so on...

We certainly can be hard on ourselves at times can't we? Especially when we are tired. :0)

I am reminded of how it's ok that not every little thing is done.. It's ok that I sat and watched some tv, and wasn't "busy" for a little while.   Sometimes I think we can let ourselves focus so hard on all the things we need to do, or that we want to do, that we forget all we actually accomplished.
So I am just reminding anyone out there that may need to hear it, as well as myself..
To give yourself permission to not be "busy" all the time. :0)    
To take notice of the accomplishments, and not focus on the negatives..
and to choose to be ok with the 'imperfections' of our daily lives,
choose to enjoy them anyway!

So.. Here's to having a wonderful day, with all it's accomplishments and imperfections!

Blessings to you.

Gone fishing..

We had a wonderful long weekend.. which included lots of just hanging out at home, working in the yard, cooking out, and fishing..

Yep, that is my pole and bobber floating in the water..  It seems fishing always ends up a friendly and fun competition for us, and someone may end up swimming after a lure that got caught in a tree or so on..  It is always a lot of fun!

Today was my daughter's first day of drivers ed..  that will be a change around here... my baby girl driving!
They grow up sooooo fast!  :0)

I have quite a bit to do today.. so I better get back to it.

I have a fun 'recycle' item coming up tomorrow.
Have a great day!

Friday Favorites.. (5/24/2013)

It is that time again,
time to share a few of my favorite things from the week.

1) & 2).  Flowers are starting to bloom, and they are beautiful!
3).  Home Made Cinnamon rolls.. yum!
4).  Spending time with the animals.
5). Taking photo's is something I enjoy.. So I decided to call this one.. my favorite photo of the week  :0)   
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Around the yard..

I decided to get my camera out and take a few photo's from around the yard, and around
the ranch in general to share with you today..


The horses...

We have four horses here at our little ranch,
You can see my daughters horse in the background of this photo..

I had fun playing with my photo software on my horses..
here they are:

Aren't they beautiful..?

This beauty below was my first horse..  we still miss him. 

I could take thousands of photo's.. I love photography. :0)
However since it would probably be boring to ya's..
I will end this post with this snapshot!

Have a great day!

A Favorite Kitchen Tip and Time Saver...

I was making home made cinnamon rolls a couple days ago, and decided I would share
this tip with you.. 

This may not be a new tip to you.. but it was to me when I saw it, and I am so glad I found it!
 It is such a time saver!

Before you roll out your dough.. just lightly sprinkle a little water on your countertop or table top..  then lay plastic wrap over it, and you can layer it if you need it to be wider..  It will stay put and you can use it to roll your dough out on.

Simply add your flour, your dough, and roll it out..


When you are done with your dough, you simple pull the plastic wrap up, and toss it!

Saves a lot of clean up time!

So do you have a favorite kitchen time saver tip?

I actually found this tip on a coupon blog a long time ago.. I tried to search to find the post, so I could properly link to it - but I just couldn't find it. :(  Here is the site where I first saw this wonderful tip:

Thoughts & Prayers...

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the recent tornado's and severe weather.
God bless you all.

Weekend review.. (5/20/13)

We spent the weekend working in our yard, spending time with our horses, and hanging out indoors due to the weather.

Some of my flowers are starting to bloom now, and they are beautiful..

We are suppose to have more storms today..  

and I think it looks like a good day to be indoors.. :0)

Friday Favorites... (5/17/13)

Friday Favorites..
where I am featuring a few of my favorite things from the past week.
There were TONS to choose from.. but here we go!

1).  Celebrated my son's birthday.. wow, time has flown.

2).  My son's high school graduation. 

3).  Graduation Party/Cookout.

4). My daughters graduation from middle school, and her fancy hairdo.. She had me make
     an adorable bow in her hair. (using her hair)

5). It is officially summer break.

It was an extremely busy, emotional roller coaster kind of week.. we made a lot of amazing memories, and had a lot of fun.   I have said it before and will say it again... I am so proud of my
2 amazing kids.. they are the best!

It was quite a week and I am so ready for the weekend!!!

Have a great weekend all...

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Graduation recap...

(or should I say Graduations!) 
Yes, I had 2 graduations in less than a week..
My son graduated from High School, and my daughter from Middle school.

Graduation Day.. (High School)

We got up early and started decorating..  we didn't have a lot of time because graduation was
early morning.

I wish I had more photo's to share of the decorations.. but we were in a hurry and I didn't get to them.

We finally got the decorating done, and we got ready to go.

Graduation went wonderfully, and our son received a scholarship we didn't know anything about, so that was amazing.  I got some wonderful photo's of the big day, which I am so thankful for.

When he walked across the stage and received his diploma.. Wow, that was quite a moment.  My 'little' boy (who actually towers above me) all grown up..  my eyes started watering of course, even though I was trying my best not to cry.. :0)  However, after all the graduates had been called and received their diploma's, and the class officially introduced... Well, it hit me a little harder when they started playing their class song, and the class tossed their hats into the air.     I guess I really just wanted it to last a little longer..   :0)  

I actually listen to the song that they chose fairly often, (it is one my families favorite singers, and we listen to the cd often on the go..) and now I have a fond memory of my son and his class every time I hear it.. I know the exact moment during the song, and I see this.

After Graduation, we took several photo's before leaving.. and we had a cookout/grad party with our families..
The wind caused some decorations to blow away.. :0) but oh well.. It was fun just the same.

It was a wonderful day, that we will treasure always!


My daughters graduation also went very well.

She was absolutely beautiful in her dress that she picked out,
and I have to share her fancy hairstyle she had me do for her..
I made a bow using her hair.. isn't it adorable!

She received the 'Most Artistic' award, among others.. and believe me - she is! :0)

What a whirlwind of a week we have had.. :0)
Emotional ups and downs, lack of sleep, tons of projects and activities, the most amazing memories made, and a end of the school year..

I am truly blessed to have the honor of being my kid's mom.. they are both so amazing and
I couldn't be more proud!

review.. part 2.. graduation and more

We have had a an extremely busy last couple of weeks...
Here are a few highlights..

We celebrated my son's birthday..  #18!
Time sure has flown by..
We went to my son's final band performance at his high school.. which was a little emotional
when his band teacher spoke about how they were the best group of kids, and how much she would miss them all.  :0)

We attended Senior night.. where my son received numerous awards, and the kids had fun giving their 'prophecies,' which was quite funny..  and we watched a video that was made of the graduates from their photo's from over the years.  It was a lot of fun..   
During all of these activities,  we were in preparation mode for Graduation.. as well as the Graduation party.. so I was working on being as prepared as possible for that as well, and had all kinds of decorations all over the house.. :0)


Which was a little chaotic, but we worked around it.. :0)
It was a BUSY, Emotional, Fun, Amazing, Unique, Special, lack of sleep, and did I say BUSY week? 
( I was going to try to cram everything into one post.. but since it is getting a little long already,
 I think I will share more about the graduations and grad party in a separate post.. so stay tuned. :0)

Week in Review.. part 1.. graduation and more

It was an EXTREMELY busy week..

We had a birthday to celebrate...

a Band program, which happened to be my son's final band performance at his high school. :(

a field trip...

senior night... was a lot of fun!

.......................... my son's High School Graduation!

(as well as his graduation party...   and Mothers Day!)

I will share more about it soon..  Have a great Monday!

Checking off the To Do List..

It has been such a busy week, and it seems I am going from one activity, or one project
to the next.. :0)

However when something is completed.. I do enjoy being able to check things off the "To Do" Lists..

I have more than one list of "To Do's" going on about now with birthdays, and graduations,
and upcoming summer activities as well.

Which reminds me.. I had better get back to my "List" ~ Have a great day.  :0)

Thank you Treat bags.. graduation party

I decided to use the candy treats that I made for our upcoming Grad Party as a Thank You Treat bag for our guests instead of just having candy laying around.

Here is what I decided to do..

I used my photo software to create a "Thank You" label which I printed 4 on one sheet of paper,  3" x 4" baggies that I purchased in the craft department and a stapler.

I cut out my "labels"

Then I placed one Diploma Smarties Candy, and one Reeses Grad Cap Candy inside each baggie and zipped it closed.   I folded the label in half, cut it to fit the baggie the way I liked it and placed it over the top of the baggie and used my stapler to attach it to the bag.

I did that about a thousand times or so..  (Just kidding, it was more like 50 that fealt like 1000)
and Waaaahlaaaa!

I also changed the label up, and used different colors for my daughter, so she can hand similar ones out to her fellow classmates and teachers at school.
Such a busy week!