The Camo Trend

Anyone else really like the Camo Trend?
I think it is a style that is pretty much here to stay, but to be honest
I would be wearing it whether it was considered a 'trend' or not.

From high end designers to much less expensive options.. it is all over.
I was searching through Amazon, and I thought I would go ahead
and put together some fun finds today.. camo style.

If you follow me, ya'll know I love a good ball cap!
Not only because they are cute, but if I am in a not wantin to fix
the hair today kind of mood.. I reach for a hat! πŸ˜‰


My camo one gets quite a bit of wear.. and I think I actually have 4 or 5 in a camo
print alone.
Maybe I should do a post about ball caps and share the rediculous amount that I have.
my collection.  πŸ˜‰ 

(because ya know when you have a excessive amount of something, ya just call
it a "collection" to make it sound better) 
No issue with too many hats here.. it is a collection after all! Lol.

Here is a little sneak peek at some of my 'collection'.


 I don't think I realized just how many that I actually have until I started pulling some
out of the closet. 

I think it is probably time for a closet clean out!

However, I do not have the distressed gray one that I ran across while searching,
and I think I probably need it in my life.. don't ya think? lol.





There are some really cute and stylish Camo options out there from joggers to tunics and tee's.
I saw earrings, handbags, some funky boots, and I even ran across fanny packs in camo..
Camo fanny packs ya'll! (not the more sleek ones that are more on trend these days, the big poufy adds pounds where ya don't want it kind)    Notice I didn't share that one, Lol. 

(you can click on the images above if you would like to check any of the items out further)
*affiliate links - which just means I may earn a small commission
 if you choose to purchase something

I had better get to work on my meal plan/grocery list for the week..
The pantry and fridge are in desperate need to be restocked, and I am trying to be
more intentional with grocery shopping which hopefully leads to making healthier
choices.  That's the plan anyway.

Have a blessed weekend!

                                                                                 - TinaH

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Simple Low Carb Pizza / Keto friendly

I have been choosing to eat low carb lately and if you like pizza.. well,
traditional fast food pizza doesn't fit too well in a low carb/keto friendly way of eating.

I had found this reduced carb pita bread option, and I had a low carb marinara on hand so decided
why not.. looks like a personal size of a pizza to me and I decided to give it a try.

Basically I put down some parchment paper on a cookie sheet, 2 pieces of pita bread,
spooned on some marinara, and topped it with whatever toppings I wanted.
I used some cooked ground beef and cheese.

Then I baked it in the oven at 350 degree's until the cheese was melted and heated through,
roughly 10-15 minutes give or take.

It was actually good!
I have tried it with different toppings as well and so far have liked them all.

Now of course it doesn't taste like fast food pizza, but my husband and I
like them so it is a winner in my book.

They are fairly low carb depending on the toppings of course.

I added a picture of the labels so you could check them out,
such as: 1 pita has 9 carbs (or 5 net carbs if you are counting net carbs.)
the sauce has 4 for 1/2 cup of marinara so you can certainly use less sauce to stay within your
carb goals if you are counting carbs by chance.

I thought it was a pretty good substitute when craving pizza.

Plus the fact that it took less than 5 minutes to throw together isn't too bad either. πŸ˜‰

I found these items in my local grocery store,
and the marinara was cheaper in my store, but I saw that it is also available online
Here or Here, and the Pita Bread which I am also a fan of can be found Here.


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.Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission on
items that are purchased through those links.
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Weekend Fun and My Cute Pumpkin Find

Our daughter came and spent the weekend and we had a lot of fun..
We went out of town one day and of course we had to stop by
one of our favorite craft stores.
The fall section was simply  B E A U T I F U L.

So so pretty!

Before it got very late we went out to eat.. (no picture - ooops)

We also went to several other stores, but there was one in particular
that totally stood out and I seriously could've spent a really LONG time there
and way too much $$$ if ya know what I mean.

The fall items were so stinkin cute!

Such a neat shop.

I was well behaved however, and I purchased one thing.  

Just couldn't resist this adorable wood pumpkin!
The rustic look with the rope trim, and metal accents.
Such a fun and unique piece don't ya think?

After stopping at a couple more stores we headed home,
but had to stop for one of these on the way

Just had to.. Lol.

On another note, I totally blew my low carb/keto meal plan this weekend, 
but plan to get back to it.  Working on cutting out the sugar habit more than anything
and I was doing so well.. :0)  
  Anyone have a good recipe source for low carb/keto?

We also spent some time outdoors over the weekend.
My daughter brought her camera and took some photo's while she was here,
and we all decided to take the 4wheelers out and go for a ride,
we hadn't done that in a while.

We had the best time. (always goes by much too quickly)

Seeing all of the beautiful fall decor and displays everywhere
makes me even more ready for fall.

I have been slowly working on decorating and I have a few things out so far,
but I think my new wooden pumpkin is going to kick start me in getting it done! :0)

How about you, when do you start decorating for fall?

                                                                                                                  - TinaH

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Kitchen Cabinets Before and After - Oak to White

My 'farmhouse' kitchen update is going well and my newly painted cabinets are finally finished.
I gotta say I am loving it.

Of course now I have more projects in mind.. isn't it funny how one project snowballs
into several others.

I will start by showing where my kitchen started:

A lot of wood tones, which I actually did like.
However, I knew that I eventually wanted to add a backsplash.
When I finally decided that it was time to update my kitchen I added several new accent pieces,
a lot of farmhouse inspired pieces, a more vibrant diy valance, and came up with
my faux barnwood backsplash.

I liked it so much better.

Of course I have always liked white kitchens, and I would pretty much
oooh and ahhh over them,
and I really wanted to change mine up and paint my cabinets a bright white.

However, that decision took me a looooooooong time to convince myself
that it was a good idea to paint over my oak cabinets.  (Yikes)

I have painted a lot of furniture and would say I have pretty much
always been happy the result, but my kitchen cabinets just seemed like
a whole other thing for some reason.

So I spent a lot of time searching online, and a lot of going back n forth with "what if's."
What if this and what if that.
So after a lot of thought and contemplating, I chose to paint ONE cabinet
to see what I thought of the result.
My thinking was it would be easier to change one cabinet if by some chance I
didn't like it, but I was about 99% convinced that I would.

Well 99% quickly changed to 100% Yes! And I got to work.

It is definitely a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

I am so glad I finally jumped in and did it.
What a difference!

It is so bright and cheerful compared to the before and I can see that even more
by looking at the photo's side by side.


For the hardware I wanted something similar to what I had
so I didn't have to change the hole placement, and I wanted to go with black for my
farmhouse kitchen so after searching online, I chose to purchase this design.

I am so glad I went with black knobs.
I think the white cabinets and black knobs go wonderfully with my backsplash.

Totally loving the new look.

Now I am debating on paint colors for the kitchen among other idea's.
(That snowball effect I was talking about) :0)

Have a great weekend!                                                                                               -TinaH

(I will list a few more kitchen details below in case you would like to check anything
out further and if you would like a tutorial on how I chose to paint my cabinets
 just drop a comment to let me know)

A few more of my kitchen details:

Hardware I chose to use:
(can click on the photo of the knob to see more info on it if you'd like to,
it is an *affiliate link)

If you'd like to see how I made my backsplash,
you can see that blog post here:  faux barnwood backsplash

The painting process that I chose to use I talked about in the post: here.

Items that I used for this paint project are shown below, if you'd like to check them out
further you can click on the photo of the item.      (*affiliate links)

(For reference: I used 9 jars of satin enamel paint and 2.25 jars of stain blocker)


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