Graduation Roundup...

It was at this time last year I was preparing for 2 graduations...
I am amazed at how fast this year has went by.

Amazed I tell ya! :0)

I thought I would revisit and share a few of the idea's I used last year, in case
someone out there is trying to plan their own child's graduation.

Graduation Cap Candy

Diploma Candy

Graduation Plant Picks

Graduation Cap on Suckers

I also made some Graduation Thank You Favors to pass out... using some of the candy
and my printer... they turned out really cute.

We are counting down the days til Summer break around here... 

not far to go!  

Another nail polish storage idea...

I have several bottles of nail polish...
and this is how I keep them, neatly tucked away in my master bathroom closet.
(on a small spice rack that I purchased off ebay)

My daughter has a lot more nail polish... (a LOT more) :0)
and to store them... she use to use a large case, and then she moved them to her vanity drawers,
but recently she asked for a lazy susan..   and I found an inexpensive stacked one to see
how it would work out.
Drumroll please......

I was really REALLY surprised by how many bottles it held... I really figured I would
be buying another one to hold them all.. but they fit, and she had room for her rhinestones, tools,
stickers, and maybe even a little room for more polish.

So this was a great option, and she can see them pretty easily at a glance.
Yay for easy, inexpensive, organizational storage solutions!

Changing a Habit - Caffeine...

Do you say pop or soda? :0)
Around here - we say "pop".

Well, I have pretty much always drank pop.. and always had it around  as an
option... so it was just the more appealing choice to me.

I have quit buying it/drinking it a time or two over the years, only to eventually return to it later.

Well,  a little over a month ago I decided to drink more water, and cut the caffeine.
So I did... and gave up my pop of choice.  

I think my body took a few days to adjust to the switch... 
Because there were a couple days of feeling real tired etc.

I will occasionally drink pop that doesn't have caffeine content, and
I haven't stopped buying our fave pop, it is still around.
(the Mister likes to have it once in a while) 
However, I find it easy this time to choose water, or juice of some sort instead.

I also figured out if I keep a bottle of water with me the majority of the time,
or if I go somewhere I stick one in my handbag. It makes it easier to
not buy something while out and about, and I drink more water that way.
Imagine that... :0)

I have not given up caffeine entirely...
I still drink coffee each morning.. but I feel better about my choice to not
consume so much sugar/caffeine throughout the entire day.

I have heard that it takes around 30 days to break a habit... I  do not know
how true that is... but I am glad to say I haven't had my pop of choice in more than
30 days...  high fives & fist bumps all around... :0)

Now my coffee is cold, and I am off to go get a bottle of water... Ha.
Have a great day.

Easter decor... and some simple DIY idea's

It's almost Easter... and what a wonderful, blessed holiday it is.
Thank you Jesus for loving us so much...  He is risen!

We love Easter at our house, and to add a little Easter touch to our home,
I placed some plastic eggs on candlesticks, some sparkling egg picks into
my spring floral arrangement, and of course some fun and colorful candy.

Gotta have some candy right? :0)

How about a couple more fun idea's...

Like my fun Plastic spoon... DIY EASTER Egg Picks
These are also cute for place card holders... :0)

and how about my DIY EASTER Vase.  
See the Easter grass peeking through the design..?  Fun, Fun!

So do you have any plans for the upcoming Easter weekend? 
A big meal planned perhaps?

We will spending the day with our son, as well as other family members...
and I am really looking forward to it... lots! :0)

Have a great day.

DIY a Leather Tassel...

So I have been seeing leather tassels on handbags for a while now,
and it seems like more now than ever.

Well I had actually looked at leather tassel key chains etc..
because I thought it would be cute to add to my bag or my keys for a fun pop of color..
and wowzer. The prices I saw -  No way...!

So I decided to make one. :0)

no bake cookies recipe

Have you ever made no-bake cookies that ended up looking more like a blob of goo...
Well.... I admit it, (insert sad facial expression) - I have.

In the past when I tried making this type of cookie it was a flop!
So I avoided it!
I enjoy baking, and have baked a lot of cookies and never had so much trouble
with a cookie.... ever.
Seriously, it was a goopy blob! (it was a good tasting goopy blob,
 but definitely had to use a spoon to eat it) Ha... 

Well, I came across this recipe a while back when looking through my box of
recipe cards, and it was different from my previous attempts at this kind of cookie...
This one is a recipe that my mother in law had given me... so I decided
to be brave and give it a go... why not right?  If it ended up a flop we can slap it on
some ice cream and call it "no bake gooey ice cream topping".. ???  Okay, not
such a clever name. :0)

However, they actually set up. No blob of goo looking stuff....
A no bake cookie success story!

These have been made several times since.
So I thought I would share the recipe today...


2 cups sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1 stick butter

Mix together, boil for 1 minute.
Add the following:

1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 1/2 cups oats (I use quick cooking)
1 cup small marshmallows

Stir well over low heat until it's combined, drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper...

Waaahlaaa! Easy to make, and good too... my kind of cookie recipe! :0)

Would you like a printable recipe...?  you can get the free PRINTABLE HERE .

Antique Frame turned into a spring Wreath...

I decided to change out my front door wreath...

I previously had a wreath that I had made featuring my favorite college team on the front door,
but was ready to change it up for spring.

I decided to use something a little different though... I was given an antique wood picture
frame recently which I actually have another project in mind for, but had yet to do
something with it, so it was perfect.

Adding organization under the kitchen sink

I recently cleaned the cabinet out that is located under
our kitchen sink... and was kind of surprised by all the bottles of
different kinds of cleaners that I had accumulated under there.
I hardly ever use any of them anymore, as I started making my own
homemade cleaner* several months ago and tend to use it.
   (*mixture of vinegar/water/essential oil) 

Well, the dishwasher soap that I use comes in
a box.. and while it's certainly not a hard task to get soap out of the box,
I thought it would be nice to have easier access to it.

So I added a wire shelf to the back of the cabinet door.

Western decor and Faux Cowhide Throw Pillows...

I mentioned previously that we do have western touches
throughout our home, mostly they are subtle touches here and there.
However, it is definitely more prevalent in one room in particular.
In fact, I would say in this room the accents/decor that we chose
pretty much holler western, and we love it.

Of course, it would be easy to change it.. simply take away the pillows,
the throws, and change up the artwork and it would certainly be an
entirely different look altogether.
I love that about decorating... simply adding or removing accent pieces
can change the look instantly!

Well, we live in the country... have horses, (among other animals)...
and the western decor just fits our life, lifestyle, and our likes.
So here it is...

Our furniture is basically plain in color, so by adding the western theme throws it has
changed the entire look and since the throws all match,  it gives them a cohesive
feel throughout the room.

I recently found these (faux) cowhide pillows...

Gorgeous...  and obviously, they made their way into my shopping cart. :0)
It was actually cheaper to buy them already made, than to buy all the
fabric/etc. and make them myself.

I already had a plain brown faux suede pillow that I wanted to use as well,
so I decided to spruce it up a bit.
So using my silhouette, I made a heat transfer longhorn decal to put on it... and simply
ironed it on... cute!

So there is a glimpse of the living room...

Pay no attention to my curio cabinet full of all kinds of 'stuff' that I use to collect,
or have been given.  I really need to go through that cabinet. Yikes..  :0)