our Pallet Headboard

Let me start with how our headboard project came about.. :0)

After dropping our daughter off  to spend the night at her friends house..
We decided to run a few errands while we were out and about.
We ran across a set of really cute black and white chevron curtains
that I thought would be perfect in her room.. so we decided
to get them.

Well after hanging the curtains in her room, I decided we needed
to find her a headboard..  which led me to looking online to see what was available..
which eventually led me to the idea of just making a simple headboard that
has a shelf so she had another spot for her books, phone, etc..

Yes, that led to.. getting to work on it. :0)

(Isn't it funny how something like curtains can turn in to a furniture project?) ha..

We had just recently took a few pallets apart for another project entirely,
but I didn't need all the boards.. therefore our wheels were turning and
after a few measurements of her bed,
I decided they were pretty much the perfect size for what I wanted.

So we started by gathering the boards, and basically putting them together,
I had a picture in mind. and basically it came together as we went.

After we had it the way we wanted it, we did a test run to see how it worked in her
room, just to be sure.. then took it back outside and gave it a good sanding.

Then of course.. had to have a pretty 'peacock' paint color and let it dry.
It turned out pretty much perfect for what we wanted.

Plus we had everything on hand, so it was basically a free project.

P.S. - She really likes it. :0)

(*Note: This piece like most headboards is quite top heavy.. 
and something like this needs to be secured to the bed frame itself or in
some other secure way to be sure it doesn't topple over. - safety first!)

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DVD's and Video Games Organization

Our cabinet is full of vhs, dvd's, & video games and while they are somewhat
organized.. I thought it would be nice if it didn't take up so much real estate!
I had seen this idea elsewhere on downsizing video's by not keeping them in
their original cases, but by using a file case or binder etc..
That interested me, but at the same time I hated to get rid of the cases.

So I thought about it a while.. and started searching different cases and
seeing what was available to store them in.   There are actually several different
sizes, styles, and price points to choose from.. leather like to binder type
to large cases that store them in order with tabs etc..

Here is what I ultimately chose to try..

For ourselves we decided to free up space in the house, but we didn't want to
get rid of the cases at this time.. so we actually decided to put them in a storage
container and move them to the garage. :0)

Here is the before pile & the after.
All neatly condensed down.


That huge pile of DVD's and Video Games fit inside of 2 binders..
on one shelf..
with plenty of room to spare.

Of course, I had to pretty up the end of the binders using my silhouette and adding a
label to the ends. :0)

So much better.

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Friday Favorites (2/20/15)

Ya know how some weeks just fly by..?
This wasn't one of those kind of weeks.

This was one of those slow goin' kind.. and I am
so ready for the weekend.  How about you?

Friday Favorites is here ~ time to focus on some of my favorite things
from the week..

1). We started out the week with a snow day.. so my daughter and I got to
spend the day together. Yay for that!

(making lemonade -> getting to spend the day with my daughter... 
out of lemons -> very cold winter weather) :0)

2). Of course Valentines day sweets hanging around during the week was
something to smile about.

3). This caramel creme stuff.. have ya tried it?  Yum!

4). Giving a Christmas basket a new look to hold all the remote controls..
    it took twice to get it just right.. but really loving that final color.
    (can see the post Here )

5). Finally giving that boring guest bathroom mirror a new look was so simple,  we
should've done this years ago!  You can see how we framed it: Here .

Thanks for stopping by today, and hope that you have a great weekend.

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Framing the bathroom Mirror

I have had this project on my mental 'To Do' list for quite a while now..
and this weekend we finally tacked it.

Seriously, I don't know why I waited so long.. it is one of the easiest
projects to do, and really makes an impact!

Weekend recap and rambling

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a great Valentines Day!

I was given some of my favorite candies, the sweetest card ever, and a
big heart shape box of these lovelies:

Pay no attention to the missing ones in the photo..  and we won't mention
the several others that disappeared after taking the photo.. 

We also really don't need to mention that I made this oh so wonderful
 Cherry Jello Cake .. or that I will have to visit the treadmill a little more because of it. 
Nope, no need to mention. :0)

While I am rambling on so, 
I recently discovered that I can almost get my hair into a ponytail.. almost.
I use to live in a ponytail.. seriously, growing up 99.9% of the time my hair 
was in a ponytail. Really long, and really in a ponytail.

When I got older and made my own hair decisions.. :o) I cut my hair off,
then eventually let it grow, until I cut it off again, then let it grow..  
you get the picture. All sorts of length's, all sorts of styles. 
I really enjoy changing it up.  

Well, I decided to let it grow for a couple of years and it had become quite long 
at this time last year (mid back).
Then I went and cut it off again, over the summer.  While I did like it at first,
let me tell ya, I have had many a moments wondering what was I thinking. 
One of those hair regrets.

So I am excited that I can finally get it up and out O' my face!
(with some help of a few bobby pins) but hey, I hear messy hair is in.. :0)

I recently picked up these stretchy, textured headbands to try out.
I thought they were really cute.. headbands have come a long way
over the years.
(do you remember those thick hard plastic ones with the
"teeth" that made you feel like they were digging into your skull?) 

These look so much better.

On to the weekend recap..

We had a great time hanging out around the house eating way too
many sweets.
I have been working on a few different project idea's.. in prep mode
ya might say..  drawing up different idea's, measuring, trying to narrow 
down exactly how I want something to function/look, and of course
checking out pinterest for even more idea's.  

Well, we finally tackled one of the easier 'to do' projects on the list that
I have been wanting to do for quite some time and I will be sharing it with
you tomorrow.  What a difference a little trim, a little time, a few tools, 
and some adhesive can make.

We have a snow day today, so I am off to spend the day with my daughter..
who just so happens to be my favorite girl in the whole wide world. 
Have a great day.

DIY Cork Coasters

After changing and rearranging furniture recently I decided I needed
to get some coasters.

Which as a DIY'er..
Yep those DIY wheels started turning, and I remembered I actually had
some sheets of cork in my craft room.  So here we go.. :0)

So I got out a sheet of cork, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and scrap piece of
adhesive vinyl.  (to add some pizazz to the coasters of course)

Then I measured the cork - 12" x 12".

That's easy enough, so I used my ruler to mark off 4" squares, which will give me
9 coasters altogether.

Math does come in handy from time to time..  who knew! :0)

Then I cut them out.  I tried using scissors at first, but the edge was uh, not to impressive..
now down to 8 coasters. :0)  
So I used an X acto knife and that worked much better.
(not completely perfect, but better)

Using my scrap of vinyl adhesive I folded it over and cut out a heart shape, and took
off the backing.

Then placed it onto my coaster.

Then using some turquoise paint to give them some pizazz that I mentioned earlier.. :0)
I stippled it onto the open area of the heart cutout.

Remove vinyl - and continue with the others until done..
and let them dry.

Kind of stinkin' cute I'd say,
basically free since I already had everything,
and super simple.

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DIY Tutorial tiny bottle necklace sprinkles edition

I love these tiny little corked bottles... so stinkin adorable!
I have made tons of necklaces using them, from snowmen to tiny
notes placed inside.

I thought I  would share using sprinkles with you today, but with
some creativity you can use so many things with these tiny containers.

So I start with a tiny glass bottle and cork, a headpin, jewelry tools, and some heart
shaped sprinkles.

First thing, fill up the tiny jar.

Then I take a headpin and poke it through the center of the tiny cork.

Put it all the way through, then get your tools.
Using your round nose pliers bend the wire around and down...

Then continue to bend it around until it crosses itself like so:

Then continue to hold your loop with the round nose pliers, and with your other hand use
your chain nose pliers, grab the tail end of your headpin wire, then wrap it around the wire
towards the cork until you have wrapped it all.
(if you have too much wire, just simply cut off the excess)

Then place your cork in your tiny bottle and there ya go.

You can string it onto some leather cording, a chain, etc..

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A simple desk makeover

So I decided it was time to do something about my office/craft room.

Basically, because I realized I don't spend a lot of time in there at my
desk/computer.. I actually kind of miss the laptop for the simple reason that I
could carry it around wherever I wanted.  So the ipad has been used more than
my computer lately.

So yesterday I finally decided to put the computer back into the master
bedroom where it use to be, and see if it works out better or not.. easy
to change it back if I change my mind again.
Hmm.. a lady changing her mind? :0)

So the work begins..

I moved my desk, which was looking a little shabby from years of use and
decided to give it a quick new look...

with some fun paper.. yes, paper... and modge podge.

Is it perfect?
No, I couldn't get all the little wrinkles out.. but it still turned out so stinking cute, and
makes my office workspace a little more fun.

So have you ever modge podged any furniture?
If so, how did it turn out?

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DIY a Movie Night Valentines Day Gift

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and in looking at different item's in the
Valentine's Day section at different stores, we ran across a movie night theme gift
that was pre-packaged.
I decided that I could definitely make something similar for less money.

So I picked up some "movie" boxed candies, packages of microwave popcorn,
small heart shaped valentines day chocolates, and a couple cute microwave
popcorn containers to use to put it all in.