Friday Favorites (6/26/2015)

Friday Favorites..
A time to share a few faves from the week.

My End Tables Got a New Look with antique glaze.. really like how they turned out.

We were getting an abundance of eggs from the chickens so my go to item to use
extra eggs.. homemade angel food cake.  Yum.

We have been working in the yard.. a lot.
Prep work for an above ground pool.. whew, lots of work left on this project..
but looking forward to having it done.

Fathers Day.. was such a wonderful day including a cookout at the fire pit.

Joining in the organization challenge has been a lot of fun, week 3 I chose
to tackle my Makeup Drawer .. what a difference a little declutting and organizing
can make.  It is still neat and tidy a couple days later and so much easier to
find everything to get ready in the morning. Gotta love that!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Organizing challenge - master bathroom makeup drawer

I have been participating along with the
Four Week “Wait No More” Organizing Challenge @ I Heart Organizing,
It has been a lot of fun choosing a space to work on that has just
been ignored for way too long.

Last week I tackled the Master Bathroom Linen Closet with a quick spruce up.
What a difference a few minutes can make, so much better.

This week I decided to stay in the Master Bathroom and tackle another space
that has gotten out of control, and quite frankly it's a space that is
really easy to put off organizing. (shut the drawer & move on) :0)

Yep, the makeup drawer.. ugh.

Let me just start with the before and after.. don't want to scare you with
a before picture right away! ha.

Yep..  while I actually had plastic dividers and small mason jars in place, ya can barely
see them in the before.

It was definitely long over due for a serious clean out..
(keeping it real)

I started by emptying the entire drawer.. and piled everything on the counter, and quite
a pile it was.

Then I gave the drawer and the dividers a good wipe down, placed the dividers
back inside the drawer and proceeded to organize like items with like items..
and toss stuff no longer wanted or *uh hem*.. packaging that items
had came in. (oops!)

I went ahead and added a third jar for organization,
love mason jars - they are just so handy to have around and these
small ones work perfectly in here.

Then I decided to try out another divider, but across the top of the drawer
to see if it would fit..  Wahooo for extra storage!
It has a little lip on each end and so it just worked perfectly.

So my brushes went into the top basket all neat and tidy..
Then I have one holding compacts of eye shadows, blushes, etc, the middle one
holds combs, and a couple hair items (most my hair stuff stays in the bottom drawer)
and then the last one holds toothpaste/floss etc.

The larger divider with the three small mason jars holds foundation,
concealers, pencils, lipsticks, mascara,  and so on..
 you get the idea. :0)

The toss pile consisted of packaging materials, as well as some no longer want,
empty, and misc. items.

I moved a few things that could go elsewhere, like my eyeglass case.

Plus I placed some travel size/sample items into a makeup bag which got moved
into my cabinet and now they are ready to go for any upcoming trips..
( hairspray/toothpaste/sunscreen samples etc.)

Decluttered and Organized,  the after once again.

Ahhhh, you can almost hear my sigh of relief can't you? :0)
So much better, and so much easier to grab what I am actually looking for instead
of rummaging around through a pile of stuff.

So do you have any tips or tricks on how you organize your makeup?

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End Table Makeovers with antiquing glaze

Remember my Side Table Transformation I did quite some time ago with
a shabby chic distressed look?

Well, we haven't used them for quite some time and they have actually been stored
in the garage.  I decided to pull them out recently and give them a new look.

So I gave them a good cleaning to remove the dirt, dust, cobwebs, etc.. :0)
Then I gave them a light sanding and a new coat of white paint.

Then I used my antiquing glaze on them.. and wow, what a difference!

I was really in awe at what a difference the glaze made on these pieces.. it really
makes the details of the table stand out.
After the glaze dried I decided to add just a little bit of black here and there to add
even more depth to them.

A couple coats of polycrylic and Wahhhlaaaa...

Really like this new look, now I am thinking about all the other
items I want to use antique glaze on. :0)

A Goodwill chair redo with DIY chalk paint

A couple weeks ago my daughter and I took a road trip.. and
we stopped by 2 different goodwill stores while we were out
and about to see if we could find anything that needed to come
home with us. :0)

I came across a wood chair that definitely needed some TLC,
but I could see the potential that it had, and for the $2.99 price
tag..  it came home with us.

The seat had seen better days by a long shot, and someone had scratched their
name in one of the arms of the chair.. but isn't it a neat design?
I wish they would've had another one. :0)

So I started by removing the seat, tightening up the screws, and giving it
a good sanding.

Some elbow grease later and this beauty of a chair no longer has a name
scratched into the arm.. :0)

I mixed up some DIY chalk paint* with Plaster of Paris, and gave it a whole new

 *(the ratio I used for my DIY chalk paint was 3 parts paint/1 part plaster of paris and a little water)

(You probably know this by now.. the color I used was 'peacock blue') :0)

Then I decided to use a dry paint brush and 'distress' it with some black..
 just cuz.

A coat of polycrylic, and it was time to go work on the seat.

I took out about three thousand staples, or at least what fealt like three thousand..
and threw away the old cover..  there was no saving it.. :0)
Then used a pretty floral print fabric, and my heavy duty stapler
to give it a new look.

I placed the newly covered seat back onto the chair.. and here she is:

 and here is the before/after..

Ahh, so pretty!

This chairs new makeover may look a little familiar to those
of you that follow my blog..   I used this same fabric/color combo on a chair
in 2013..  and still love it and use it everyday.. So I decided to use it again.

Except I placed one of my cow print pillows on the newly made over chair, and
I have to say I am really liking that fabric with this chair.
I may be on the look out for some neat cow print fabric to change the seat
cover one of these days..  although I really do like how it looks with the floral
fabric. Hmm..   What do you think?

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Entryway Storage Makeover

Entryway storage.. in a small space.

That is something that can be a difficult one in my opinion.
It needs to be able to serve a purpose, which in our case is hold
the extra everyday outdoorsy shoes/boots near the door,
and also look good.

This particular storage area for us is located near our back door,
which is the door we use 99.9% of the time.
Ideally, we would do something in the laundry room instead.
However, been there, tried that.. and this works better for us.
For now at least.

Our storage solution has came a LOOOONG way..
(to see the very beginning of how this storage shelf came about from
 using inexpensive shoe shelves go HERE)

Originally being white, I previously gave it a new look with a coat of paint
and waaahlaaa..

Entertainment center makeover

I mentioned before that we have been tackling several projects..
one of them was our old entertainment center.

Loved it.. but it was obviously made for the old, big, crazy HEAVY,
televisions that weigh about a thousand pounds.
This piece of furniture was definintely outdated,
but still beautiful.

So I decided to make it work. (with some work..)

I will just start off with the before/after photo..

So I decided we could cut this thing down and make it more user friendly
for a flat screen.  How hard could it be? :0) uh hmm..

Plus I really wanted to keep the glass door if possible, so with some careful
measuring and leaving a little extra room for error.. I have learned to do that.
my husband and I went to work.

We took it outside, got our measurements copied onto the piece of
furniture and the cutting began.

Oh the cutting.  This part was definitely more time consuming than 
we thought..    Leaving room for error is a good thing. :0)

We dry fit the top, sanded down the area's that needed it, and drilled holes for dowels
to place the top back on with.  Some gorilla glue later and we had it drying with
stacks of books, and my kitchen aid mixer on top.. ( that'll weigh it down.. ha)

To disclose the little bit of ugly result we got.. we did still have the obvious
cut line about 3/4 of an inch from the top where it was cut to deal with,
we simply couldn't cut it any closer to the top with the tools we had and the
way it was put together we didn't think ripping it apart was a good option.
The cut line could be fixed several ways.. wood filler/stain (which is what the front
edge is getting) and so on but I wasn't sure I would like the result of that on the sides.
Since we had a section of backing left from cutting the back down
to fit, and it was stained to match I just cut some 1" strips to cover it up.

For now it works for me, and really isn't that noticeable in person as it blends
 in quite nicely.  Who knows, I may find some decorative trim I like better,
or I may simply give it an entire new look with some chalk paint and glaze
before I call this piece completed. :0)


Overall we took off just a little over 12" off the height of this piece.
We could've easily taken more but I really wanted to keep the glass door.
and I just love how it turned out..

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