My Rustic Wood Decorative Fence

If you follow my blog you have probably seen me talk about my rustic fencing that my
husband and I made this year.
I thought I would share a few photo's of how it is looking today
and just a little bit more about this rustic wood fence of ours.

I have done a lot of yard projects this year and one project I wanted to do
was put up a rustic fence.

After deciding to tackle this project, we started by figuring out a general idea
of how many posts that we would need.
Then we started the task of cutting and gathering the fence posts.
A lot of posts.

We chose to use hedge in hopes it will last some time,
and we also had access to it.
(due to some tree's in our pasture that had fell during a past storm etc., as well 
a neighbor having an area of a pasture cleared)

After a couple days or so, and a few sore muscles,
We were finished and here it is in all it's rustic beauty.

3 new beauty fave's inexpensive blender sponge and olive nailpolish

I thought I would share 3 beauty items that I have just recently tried out and I
have added to my current faves list..

First up is I was searching for a camo green or a olive green nail polish and I just couldn't find one locally, so I searched online and this is the one that I purchased. ♡

It is exactly the shade of green I was searching for, which isn't always the case when
I purchase something online.
I have had a few surprises with lip product colors in the past, lol. So I am a little more picky
at what beauty products I purchase online.
This one however was a win all the way, Love it.  (especially for fall!)

5 tips for an Organized Makeup Vanity

My top 5 tips for organizing a Makeup Vanity.

Learned by trial and error. Lol.

#1 - Keep Like Items Together

It is so frustrating to me to be looking for something,
 in a  mess pile of a lot of somethings.
does that make sense? :0)

Who has the time or patience for that? Lol.

I use to have a drawer in the bathroom vanity that I kept everything in, and while
I tried to keep it organized, there were always those hurry up moments
 and things ended up all willy nilly, so to speak.

Which brings me to tip number 2.

My Vintage Vanity Gets a Makeover

I have been wanting to change up my makeup vanity for a while and with the weather we
were having last week it was the perfect time to get this project done.

Here is a reminder photo of my makeup vanity and how it looked after
I made a lighted mirror to go with it and painted it a bright pop of color.

While I do love the peacock blue color, I was ready for a change. 

So I cleaned everything off of it, wiped it down and started painting.

I chose to use this paint that I had left from painting my kitchen cabinets recently.
I am happy with how my kitchen cabinets turned out, and since I had
the paint on hand.. it was a definite win-win for a rainy,
feeling a little stuck in the house kind of week.

DIY Mini Must Have Kit for your handbag

If you have been by the travel size section in your store,
 you have probably come across small cases of cotton swabs.

These little plastic cases have so many uses, and I chose to use
one for a mini must have kit to toss in my handbag.

This is a simple project that took very little time to do and is rather inexpensive,
so it is a win-win. Gotta love those kind of projects. 

To make my mini kit I removed the cotton swabs and put them elsewhere, and
removed the product label sticker.
Then I decided to make a new decorative label to step it up a notch.