October declutter challenge update...

October has flown by..

As you know I took on a personal challenge.. 
"Daily Declutter & Organize it in October" challenge..  :0)

Basically I wanted to tackle a task big or small, each day. (besides everyday chores)
I think I did pretty good overall, but didn't get as much accomplished as I would have hoped.

However, I will choose to focus on the Wins. :0)

I got my desk drawers decluttered and organized... Yay!

I went through lots of items, and ended up with a huge pile ready to either donate
or possibly a future garage sale.. 

I went through my dresser and had a seasonal change up.
Stored the shorts and capri's in the closet, to make room for all the sweaters...

I also gave my laundry room a  makeover.. My laundry room is now organized and
I was able to add more storage, as well as another place to store winter coats/boots. Yay!
(You can see more about that HERE )

I think I will be continuing this challenge in November.. :0)
Hmm.. what is a catchy name for November.. ?

No to clutter in November.. ?
No nonsense November - it's time to get organized?

Whatcha think?  :0)  ha..

A Christmas Ornament Exchange...

A very sweet blogger friend of mine, Vicky at Life on Willie Mae Lane  is hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange...
and I am excited to be joining in on the fun. 

If you'd like to go check it out for all the details just click on the photo below...
It should be tons of fun for everyone.

For myself, I am looking forward to shopping around for such a fun event and finding just the right
ornament to send off, and perhaps making some new blogger friends in the process...
And of course how exciting it will be to see what arrives in my mailbox as well.  :0)

What a great idea!

DIY Simple Laundry Sign and what didn't work with it..

I recently gave my Laundry room a no cost makeover... and
there is a blank space up high on the wall that I thought a long skinny sign
would be perfect for that spot..

So I finally got it done.

I had 2 long pieces of poplar wood ( 1/4" x 1.5" wide x 3 feet long).. so I decided to put them together and make a Faux Pallet type of sign.. :0)

 and since it is such a lightweight wood,  I simply hot glued them together.

 Then I took a ink pen and just wrote "Laundry" on it.

Then I used a black sharpie permanent marker and traced it to make it stand out.

The permanent marker did bleed slightly, so if this is bothersome, you could paint the piece first or use paint instead of a marker if you so choose..   Since this is going to be up high and not 'in yo face' so to speak...  I didn't mind it. :0)

To dress it up a little I cut a piece of large burlap ribbon and wrapped it around each side..

I secured it onto my sign, on the back using hot glue.

I then took a piece of twine and tied it around each piece of burlap and made a sort of hanger for the sign.

So when I hung it by the twine it worked fine, sort of..  but I didn't like it.  Well, I didn't like how it hung on the wall.. the twine had so much give the sign kinda hung low/awkward.. 
So I would actually recommend drilling holes for the twine or adding a couple small hangers to the back if you so choose..    

Yep, you are correct.. it looks like I went ahead and just used the twine as my hanger...
so What did I do to make it work?   Well, I went ahead and used the twine so that it "looks" like it is hung by the twine.. but I actually used 2 nails on each side in the burlap section to secure it how I wanted it to hang onto the wall.. I know, I know... I went with the get it done fast approach.    ha. :0)

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Friday Favorites... (10/25/13)

Jumping right in with the Friday fave's today... :0)

#1). Canning is pretty much done for 2013.. and the cabinet is stocked up with tomato sauce, apple pie filling, apples, jellies, and a couple jars of peaches.

#2).  Laundry Room Makeover.. loving it.

#3).  DIY Fall Project Roundup.. lots of fun and budget friendly ideas.

#4).  Hot chocolate with Lots O Marshmallows... Yum!  Although I usually only drink about half of it... once the marshmallow melted goo on top is gone I am pretty much done with it. ha..

#5).  This artwork...just makes me laugh..
 " Exercise?  I thought you said Accessorize! "
   (um, yeah.. prefer accessorizing here)

I am looking forward to the weekend..  and also looking forward to our upcoming
anniversary...  19 years...  and what a blessing to be able to say I am married to my best friend. 
So very thankful for that.
Hope you have a great weekend all..

Fall Home Decor Tour.. 2013

I thought I would share some photo's today of my Fall Décor for 2013...

It will be fun to look back on next year, and maybe it will spark some inspiration
for you for your own home. 


You can see my DIY Fall Projects Roundup HERE!  if you'd like to check out some of these décor projects further.
I will be moving on to more organizational projects, and lots of DIY as well as decorating for Christmas, which is of course one of my favorite times of the year.
Storage boxes - here I come!
When do you start decorating for the Christmas holiday?  Do you wait til after Thanksgiving, Before Thanksgiving, or?   
I will actually be starting within the next week or two... and I am looking forward to it.
Oh yes I am.. :0)
I always have the Christmas décor ready by Thanksgiving.. it's just what we do.. 

DIY Fall Project roundup.. 2013

I decided to have a "Fall Project Roundup"  today...
I wanted to give a quick recap and share my Fall DIY and décor projects in one post.

Organizing winter accessories - the hats & gloves

I recently just gave our Laundry Room a Makeover, and I thought I would share a little more
about the organizer that was shown in the photo's..

That is what I use, and what works for us in keeping our winter hats and gloves organized.

It is simply an over the door, shoe organizer. (That I cut in half)

Yep, I cut it down to about half the normal size.. because our laundry room has the central heat unit inside, therefore the door to the laundry room is vented for airflow etc...
So because I didn't want to block the ventilation, I got out my scissors and chop-chop!
(shown in photo below)

So we use this half of a shoe organizer to organize our winter hats/gloves. 

We have used this system for a couple years now, and it works for us.
It's out of the way, and keeps them in a easy to reach and convenient spot. 
(Just around the corner on the other side of the door is the entry)

I think it works so well, because it is easy to see what you are looking for at a glance.
Previously we kept them stored in plastic containers on a shelf, and this worked ok, however
since the organizer has separate compartments it keeps the pair of gloves together... no digging
through a pile of gloves to find the matching set.   It also makes it easy to see what we have, and
what we need to buy or toss out.

I even went a step further with it, and added some cute chalkboard labels.. 
However, to keep the writing from coming off, I actually used a silver paint marker to
write on the labels.
 (silver permanent markers work well too)

And if you don't need all those compartments for hats/gloves.. something like the extra
dog leash can fit well.  Other idea's may be a compact umbrella, scarves, perhaps other pet related
items such as their sweater for going outdoors etc..

That is what we have found that works for us when it comes to the basic winter hat/gloves & accessories storage. 
However, I do keep my nicer scarves,  gloves elsewhere. :0)

So what works for you in organizing your winter accessories?  Do you have a designated spot?
Use baskets? hooks?

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Taking my Laundry room back, a laundry room makeover

Our laundry room had kind of became a:
 'catch all the extra stuff room'...
and I decided it was time get it back in order as The Laundry Room.
So it was time for a Laundry room makeover, indeed! 

Friday Favorites... (10/18/13)

Friday, such a good reminder that the weekend is upon us..  :0)

Time to share a few of my favorite's from the week..

#1).  Our son came to visit from college over the past weekend, and we had the BEST time..
         That is definitely my favorite part of the week.. my family was all at home, all just seemed right
          in the world.  :0)

#2). & #3).   Dollar Tree Pumpkins get a makeover... :0)  One turned neutral/elegant, and the other
         turned into a plant pick. 

#4).  No Cost Pumpkin using a Milk Jug.. cute!

#5).  When I took my dog out this morning.. the moon was hiding among some clouds.. was just a
         beautiful sight to see.

I have been busy working in the laundry room lately, which had basically became a catch all room...
and let me just say... yikes!
I am looking forward to sharing the before/after's next week.

Have a great weekend!

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A Dollar Pumpkin Redo... Elegant Pumpkin using a sharpie

We had to waste some time last week while waiting  to pick our daughter up from an after school activity,  so we went to the Dollar Tree..

Besides a few other items.. (*uh hmm*)  I found these Styrofoam pumpkins so I picked up 2 of them thinking I could change them up somehow.

Painted Pumpkin Paver & Weekend Recap...

I made a simple painted pumpkin paver.. (say that 3 time fast!) :0)
to lean against my big flower pot near our deck steps.

I just used a 12" x 12" paver that we had laying around, and I painted a simple pumpkin on it.
This project took about 3 minutes (more or less). 
I used a permanent marker to write happy fall. :0)

Then I just leaned it up against my flower pot.

It had rained in the picture above, so here's a better look at it..

Not bad at all.. and it didn't cost a thing since I had everything on hand.  Yep, those are
the best kind of projects. :0)

Speaking of Best!

The weekend was the best... the BEST!
Did I mention it was the Best?   I seriously didn't want it to end.

Our son came home to visit from college, and we had the most fun together playing card games, tabletop pool, video games, chess, and just hanging out with our ice cream sundaes.

Note to self: I need to practice my gaming skills for next visit. :0)   

I will be counting down the days...
(and practicing chess!) ha..

Low Dollar or No Dollars DIY Project... A Milk Jug Pumpkin

I wanted to add a pumpkin outdoors to add to my Fall decor..
I had looked at them at the stores, but they were either very small, or in my opinion expensive for
something that is just going to sit there for a month and get tossed.

So I decided I would come up with something.. and debated on what to do.
I saw the newly emptied milk jug, and a new DIY project was born.

The No Dollar Pumpkin Project.