Master Closet space saving simply

I had purchased some slim line hangers several months ago to see if
they REALLY did free up closet space.. (similar found here)

I didn't have high expectations for them so didn't actually pick up very many.  Basically I wanted
to try them out and see if they were really worth switching too.. and I found that they did save some space.   At least enough to make me want to use them for all my clothes. :o)
So I figured out how many hangers that I actually needed, and purchased more.

  Well.. They have been hanging out in my closet since.. until I finally decided it was time to put them
to use and stream line the closets!

Here is a peak at the before of the hanger situation..

A hodge podge of hangers..

While I had switched several over at this point, it was long overdue to actually use the
additional hangers I had purchased.

So I went through the entire closet, and got to work.

Here is the after:

So much better.
We got everyone's hangers coordinated in color, and I ended up with 2 large bags of
hangers to donate.
Plus while I was at it, found some clothes to donate as well.  Win, Win!

It is so much better to look at a organized closet. :0)

I am debating some idea's on what to do in our master closet to organize it further,
considering making some built in's etc.

Any tips on organizing your closet? Please share.

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Clean out the Clutter #3 - the Pantry

We had a winter storm this weekend, so we basically stayed inside as much as possible.

So I tackled a few projects on my to do list..
I got our refrigerator cleaned out, laundry all caught up,
and also took on our pantry and got it organized.

Our pantry pretty much holds boxed items, pasta's, extra's, bottled water,
snack stuff, and so on.
I keep our canned goods elsewhere.

I don't normally have this much junk/snack food in our
pantry.  With the winter storm that was coming and the possibility of electric
being out for a while, I had stocked up on these kind of things.
Thankfully our electric never went out.

Plus these items will come in handy for future lunches.
I have also noticed with these smaller bags of chips vs. a large bag of chips..
I sure don't eat as many that way. :0)

So after rearranging items, and using a couple more plastic containers to corral
the easy to grab granola bars, crackers, and snack bag chips.  It looks much better.

I keep almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and other items in mason jars:

I use small plastic containers to contain the packets of different mixes, and quinoa, etc.

So with a few tweaks it's looking a lot better.

I am so pleased with my pantry space.. in case you are wondering when
I built this Pantry,  I decided to build it with the intention of putting my
small deep freezer inside of it.  I thought about this space quite a while and what I
wanted in a pantry and so on before I finally decided to go for it, and I am so glad I did!

After getting the items all organized, I decided to add some hooks on the inside wall
to give the lunch bags their own designated space.

Little touches can make such a difference!

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Clean out the Clutter Challenge Week #2 (part 2)

I recently took on the upper cabinets and this time I am
tackling the lower cabinets..

These had gotten way out of control over the holidays.. from getting in and out
of them to looking like items were tossed in and the doors shut. :0)

So I am glad to have these back in order!

The lower cabinets hold pretty much our appliances, gadgets, bake ware, and pots/pans.

This one holds our blender, toaster, bread maker, sandwich maker, waffle maker,
and Magic Bullet for smoothies etc..  We use it often so it has to be fairly easy to
get to.  I keep all the cups/blades to it in the plastic container on the shelf.

I did some simple rearranging and wiped some of the items down that needed it.
It was a simple fix.

This cabinet is huge.. although it doesn't look like it,
it goes back a long way.  
So items get tossed around while digging for that one
item that is being searched for if it isn't in perfect order. 
Which is was not. :0)

So I took items out and got them organized in their right places.

What a difference a few minutes can make.

This cabinet just kind of became a hodge podge of stuff.. so I took
the items out and got it reorganized as well.   In doing so I found I had
a lot of extra space so my Food Saver (similar item here) and all the items for it fit great
into this one.. Yay!

I was able to get rid of several items from this quick clean out..

I am glad to be done with the cabinets!
The pantry is still to come. :0)

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Clean out the Clutter Challenge week #2 - Kitchen Cabinets

Clean out the Clutter Challenge
Week #2

The Kitchen Cabinets!

My plan:
- Clean them out
- Get rid of the clutter
- Organize them
- Wipe them down

I had already tackled one of the upper cabinets when I went through our travel
mugs/water bottles last week.. so I kind of had a head start.  :0)

but also because of that, it seemed like a great place to jump in for week #2.

So this week I am tackling the Kitchen Cabinets!

Honestly, I am ready to get the kitchen clutter dealt with and move on to something else,
high five anyone? :0)

So to get started today on this weeks challenge,
I chose to work on the upper cabinets.

So here is the next cabinet before pic:

It wasn't too bad, but those plastic lids and containers have a way of just going everywhere..
I had even purchased a divider to help seperate and contain them but obviously it didn't
solve the issue, so I decided to remove it from this shelf altogether and I will find
another use for it.

I really like how it is completely adjustable!   But if it isn't going to work for this
purpose, it is going to move elsewhere. :0)

I had also bought some glass containers recently with lids to use for food storage, 
but had been keeping them elsewhere in the kitchen. 
I decided since they actually fit inside each other with their lids, and are easily stackable
it was time to move them into this space.
  (so I can definitely downsize the plastic containers/lids and that should help with the 
problem of plastic containers/lids being all over)

Yep, that looks so much better.

Next up: 

This cabinet had become a tad out of control over the holidays, but in the spirit of 
keeping it real.. there it is :0)

After putting items where they actually belong in the kitchen, it definitely made this
space look so much better.
Now I won't cringe when I open this cabinet. lol. 

Lastly is the 'cooking' cabinet, basically where I keep spices etc.

It wasn't too bad, just had some stray toothpicks, and items out of place.

If your curious how I made my shelves to organize my spices,
 you can see that post HERE.
( I used wood and velcro  to make them,
and have been using it for around a year and a half now with no issues)

Feel free to share your Clean out the Clutter Progress by linking up or
tell us how it is going in the comments!

Clean out the Clutter Challenge #1 Travel Mugs

To welcome in the New Year I thought this
would be a great time to get to work cleaning out the clutter!

So I decided to have a
Clean up and clean out the Clutter Challenge!

I would love for you to follow along, join in, and share your progress
in the comments, or link up to share with others as well.

To start off the Clean out the Clutter Challenge..
 I am picking something that is really simple to start out with.

We have a busy week and plans for the upcoming weekend so I wanted to
pick something easily doable and not tackle a big project just yet.

So today's challenge is from the Kitchen:

Travel Mugs & Water Bottles!

We really like our travel mugs around here.. most likely we have one with us
when we leave the house. :0)

We have acquired quite a collection over the years.
Plus we received some new ones as gifts for Christmas, and since the cabinet space
that I keep them on was full - it just made sense to start here.

(some of our pretty new travel mugs.. aaah, gotta say I am loving my orange mug 
that I bought, and that pretty Starbucks one that I got as a gift! Thanks Mom!)

So I got all of our travel mugs/cups, and water bottles out of the cabinet
so I could see them all at once,  and went through them and I was able to pick out
several to get rid of.

The pink floral water bottle I have 2 of but one lid was broken so that was easy,
the silver one had seen better days years ago, the lime green had a chip, and so on.
I am not quite sure why the canning lid was with them. :0)  

So as you can see getting rid of 5 fairly big items, made a lot of extra space and now
our new mugs have a home.

In fact I have room for another, or 2.. :0)

So if you have a lot of travel mugs, water bottles, or coffee cups perhaps
and want to join in please link up below or share in comments.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.. 
and Welcome 2017!

It has been a busy past few weeks, but a good busy!
We have spent a lot of time with family and have enjoyed it so much.

We played some games we hadn't played before over Christmas..
like this one: bean boozled

It was definitely a lot of fun.. and honestly it was a lot more fun than I
figured it would be,  sooooo many laughs!

(I gotta say that spoiled milk jelly bean..  uh, it's not my favorite.)   :0)

We also played cranium, some classics like monopoly,
and of course video games.
We just had the best time.  
It went by way too fast, but we made some great memories!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Looking forward to 2017.. may it be good to us all!