Bacon Wrapped Lil Smokies... Football Food and uninteresting stories

Happy Friday Ya'll...

I am sure ready for the weekend.. 
so did your team make it to the super bowl?
Ours didn't, but we picked one to root for anyhow.

Here is a quick last minute food idea for the big game..

Wrap some lil smokies with bacon.. secure with toothpick, and bake until done.
 (325 degree's for around 45 minutes give or take...
 this will vary depending on your oven of course)
 and then serve with your favorite sauce, or mix up your own.. 

Our dipping sauce is a mix of mayo, bbq sauce, a little brown sugar and the leftover
bacon pieces.

So do you have a favorite football food?
Watch football or don't watch football? 

Years ago I did not watch football, or even want to... but I ended up listening to and
somewhat watching it several times because of nothing else being on the television
while I worked on some projects,
and  it became a habit...  very uninteresting story I know. :0)

Same type of uninteresting story with basketball but more recently.
Not to long ago I watched a college basketball game when I saw it was on,
(because it was the college my son attends).
And I have watched all of the games since that one.

Yep, my DVR stays busy.

Have a great weekend...


Inexpensive personalized Wall Art

I decided I wanted something different on my wall above our headboard...
and was browsing the craft stores..

I came across some neat letters and so I picked up 2 of those in a small size, and a
large "&" sign that matched the style... but much bigger.

Then I found these 2 decorative ceramic pieces to use to finish the names out with...

Waaaahlaaaaa... Easy & inexpensive!

A Set of Candlestick holders get an amazing new look... makeover time diy style

Remember my flea market candlestick holders?

An interesting mix of wood, metal, and glass...  :0)
(and in need of a new look)

 I started by getting my supplies I wanted to use all together...

I took the candlesticks apart (as they are held together with screws),
and gave the metal piece a new coat of shiny metallic silver paint.

I also painted the wood a beautiful turquoise..
and cut out some decorative damask print paper to modge podge onto the glass base, because
it shows through ever so slightly and I really liked that added touch.

Here is how they looked at this point, but I wanted to add some more embellishments,
so I got some shiny silver ribbon and some decorative accent pieces.

Cut the ribbon to fit around the wood and folded the edges..

A tiny dot of glue on the ribbon, then added the decorative accent.

Here is a look at the before/after...

and here they are on my vanity with some beautiful decorative candles...

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Vanity Mirror Updated... with a little Spray Paint

Remember this mirror that I bought to see if I liked it layered on my
new to me vanity?
(If you missed that post you can see all about the vanity and it's makeover HERE)

It worked perfect, with the exception of the color that is. :0)

So I taped it off..  and gave it a couple coats of spray paint.
The final color of choice - Metallic Silver.

Now it is perfect... :0)

I actually painted it a gloss black first... but didn't like it as much as I thought I would.
The beaded design didn't stand out at all.
So my daughter helped me decide on another color and we chose shiny metallic silver,
and the detail really pops now, and it looks much fancier than the black did.

I am still working on the accessories and decor for the vanity area... and I look forward
to sharing them with you as I get it all figured out. 

Flea Market finds... seeing potential in something

I mentioned last week that my husband and I got to go to on a craft store
restocking supplies trip... and that we stopped by a flea market on the way home.

We enjoy looking at flea markets..  especially the antique furniture, I think that has
to be my favorite part.  Although I really enjoy the glass pieces as well,
being a lampwork artist and working with glass... I guess I just enjoy seeing
 all the details and craftsmanship that some pieces consist of.

I have become somewhat particular on the items that I actually bring
 home however...
I want it to have a place.. (where will it go? what will it be used for? etc..)
Not always.. but for the most part that is how I make the decision.
(even if it is a deal that is almost too good to pass up) :0)

They had some great pieces... the antique hutches and dressers were beautiful,
and always some of my favorite pieces to look at...  but since we don't need
those things for our home...  I actually spent less than $3.00 total.
What did I get? You ask....

This beautiful (& heavy) clear glass ornate tray...

Which I knew immediately that I wanted to put it on my 'new to me vanity'
 for jewelry pieces, etc..

and lastly, this pair of candlesticks made from wood, metal, and glass...
which was interesting to me.
They definitely needed a makeover in my opinion, but I saw the potential in them.
Plus, I was actually looking for a set of candlestick holders... so they were perfect.

I will be sharing the new look soon...
 I think you will be surprised at how different they look.

Friday Favorites... (1/24/14)

Happy Friday to you..
I have so many things that could've made the 'Friday fave's' this week...
but since I didn't have pictures for each thing... I picked the following.

1).  This beautiful antique vanity that I was given..

2).  The weather cooperating long enough that I was able to give
       the vanity a makeover... (you can see that post Here )

3).  My husband had a day off,  and he took me shopping to restock a
      few supplies I needed from the craft stores, and we stopped by a flea market
      on the way home...  now that's a great day!
     (craft stores are over an hours drive away so I don't go too often) :0)

4).  Finally getting around to getting the huge donate pile dropped off! Yay!

5).  Freezer Cooking and this chips n chicken casserole...

My daughter gets the day off from school today,
 so we will be hanging out around the house...
Gotta love family time and a 3 day weekend... :0)

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Antique Vanity gets a makeover using paint

I recently mentioned I had a new project...
a beautiful antique vanity.

My mother in-law and father in-law gave this beauty to me over the weekend,
and I was ready to get started on it as soon as we had a 50 degree+ weather for it.  
Monday we did! 
So I got to work on it outside and sanded it all down.

Then I wiped it down and got my white paint... after I had it painted white,
I brushed on black to make the details and edges stand out.
Then a couple coats of poly to protect it.. (especially the top)

It quickly got cold so I ended up finishing the mirror indoors.. :0)

and Here it is all together...

The mirror is a little cloudy, but I like that it is original.. and it
definitely has a lot of character.
I did some searching online, and found that you can re silver mirrors,
either have them re silvered, or buy a kit and do it yourself.
So we might look into that one of these days, but I wouldn't want to
ruin this one, so I have debated on making a entire new back/mirror for it
possibly in the future if I happen to find a neat mirror design someday
that I think would suit it,
and then keep the original as is and just put it up.

However for now I decided to try something else...
and I happened to find a mirror that I liked. (and it was less than $10)
and I decided to get it and see if I liked it layered.
 (you can probably see the cardboard corner protectors
still on the mirror in the photo.. ooops!) ha..

It isn't the color I want, but I liked the beaded detail at the edge.
Which actually matches nicely to the neat wood detail in the original mirror.
And the color, well a little paint and that is an easy fix.. :0)

Not stopping there of course...

I also painted inside of the drawers...  peacock blue for an unexpected
pop of color and added a coat of poly.

When that dried well, I got a roll of non-adhesive drawer/shelf liner..

I cut it to size, and used a tape runner to add a little sticky here and there
around the edge to keep the liner in place. (but easily removed)

They are definitely much brighter so I can see what's inside easily.. and the liner has
some texture so things won't roll around when the drawers are opened.

All in all... I am thrilled with how it turned out...
Plus it has family history, it was my husbands grandma's,
which makes it even better.
Gotta love that!

(oh, and  yes - I did remove the cardboard corners off the new mirror)...
In fact, I gave it a makeover also... stay tuned! :0)

So have you ever had a mirror re silvered or redid one yourself?  if so how did it go?

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Freezer Cooking... 6 meals from one package of chicken

Like I previously mentioned in this post: "Prep Ahead for 3 Meals at one time "
I enjoy cooking several meals at once.

It saves time,  saves clean up since you are dirtying the dishes at one time instead of several times.. (yay!), and saves time by having the meals done ahead of time so when you are in a pinch for time, you can get something out of the freezer and place it in the oven to warm it up..  so in my opinion can also be healthier because if you have something ready to go on the days you just don't want to cook or have the time... you can go to your freezer instead of to town for something.

The store was out of my usual chicken tenderloins purchase, and I saw this large
package of chicken breasts..   price was even better, and I decided that I could easily cut it up myself... no problem. 
(and I might also add, it tends to be quite a bit cheaper per pound this way)

So here is the basics of what I used..

- 4.74 lbs of chicken breasts (that I cut into tenderloin slices/chunks)
- 1 bottle bbq sauce
- chicken broth
- 1 bag of nacho chips
- 1 cup sour cream
- 1 can cream of chicken (or can use cream of mushroom) soup
- picante sauce
- about 1/4- 1/2 cup milk
- seasonings to taste

I cut up the chicken, placed most of it into a large skillet with a little light olive oil to cook until done.

A couple of the chicken breasts that were sliced up went into water/broth to cook for soup/noodles.  And the last of the chicken (another couple chicken breasts) went into a baking dish with bbq sauce to bake.

When the skillet chicken was done,  I diced it up to bite size pieces (however, I found I prefer shredded chicken for this recipe),
then I placed it back into the pan and added the cream soup, picante sauce, sour cream, and milk.   I crushed doritos into 3 pans, added the chicken mixture, and more crushed doritos on top.  (You can see the actual more detailed recipe for this Chips n Chicken Casserole - HERE )

Then 2 of the containers were covered, labeled, and placed into the freezer.
The 3rd container was covered and went to the fridge for supper...
 just warm up, top with shredded lettuce and tomato and serve.

The chicken/broth went into 2 freezer containers which I labeled.. they will be used for future chicken noodles or soup.

The bbq chicken got labeled and is also ready to go as well.

The breakdown..

2 containers of Chicken/broth for soup/noodles.
3 Chicken n Chips casseroles
1 BBQ Chicken

6 meals from one package of chicken that cost less than 10.00.
Dinner ready and 5 extra meals ready to go at any time... that is a good cooking session
in my book.

So do you prep ahead/freezer cook? If so, what are your favorite meals to freeze?

Sneak Peek at my newest project...

What am I up to?

I have a new project...
so besides getting jewelry pieces done and shipped out.
(you can see my jewelry items Here )

I have been working on this...

an antique vanity that given to me that was my husbands grandma's..
It is taking on an entire new look.

I will be sharing it with you soon. :0)

Prep ahead for Three meals at one time...

I tend to be a multi-tasker..
I also enjoy cooking, and I particularly like to cook several meals at one time,
or prep for several meals at one time. 
(which is also a major time saver in my opinion)

So I thought I would share an example with you today of how I 'prep' for several meals and
how it saves a lot of time.

For this example I used ground beef, and here are the basics of what I used..

2 lbs. lean ground beef
2 cans refried beans
1 can diced tomato's with green Chile's
Cheddar cheese
1 Onion (diced)
1 pint jar of tomato sauce
seasonings to taste

I started by browning the ground beef, with the onion.
Then when it was finished, I simply separated it to be used for 3 different meals.
About a cup of the meat mixture went into a freezer container to be used for spaghetti sauce
later on.   Half of the remaining mixture was seasoned for Nacho's..  (tomato sauce/seasonings to taste) and the other half I made into bean dip (using: diced green chile's/refried beans/a little amount of the tomato sauce/seasonings/cheese.. and when it is time to eat, just add chips!   :0)

So I have 3 meals that I would guess will take less than 20 minutes each max,
to finish putting together, when it is time to have dinner ready.
So on those days when something comes up etc.. it won't take long to still have a
home cooked meal ready to go.

I will be sharing on freezer cooking and how I made 6 meals from one pkg of chicken
later in the week.. :0)

Have a great Monday!

Friday Favorites... (1/17/14)

It is that time again..
time to share my Friday Favorite's...

1). My polymer clay Valentines Conversation Hearts that I recently made.. so cute!

2). Updating my candelabra for a Valentines Day touch. (using the polymer clay hearts)

3). My Valentines Day gifts that I made for my kids.. (see my post on how to make one HERE )

4). My computer is fixed... yay!

5). I made a homemade Apple Crisp last night... just because! Yum!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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