Friday Favorites... (8/30/13)

It has been quite a week with school starting up.. it has been interesting for sure.

This week has also had it's ups and downs.. but Wahooo for Friday, and so looking forward
to a 3 day weekend!  How about you?

Time to share a few of my favorite things from the week...

- My Flea Market Chair makeover..  loving that color lately, but I am sure you noticed! :0)

- I made some soft sugar cookies as well as some freezer food to add to our freezer, but also to share with a friend of my husbands that is going through a difficult time.  I am happy I was able to help out where I can, and of course a lot of prayers have been going out, and will continue in the days to come. God is good!

- My weird Pasta Pot explosion/implosion.. :0(

- It is back to school time.. while, I am not thrilled summer is over, or that we have to get up extremely early so my daughter can catch the bus, or that my son is a way at college, or that my daughter is in high school (are you kidding me?).. and so on..
We did have quite a day on the first day of school when we missed the bus!  Uh, yeah.. ridiculous.. I know right?    However, it wasn't because we weren't on time mind you, but the school changed where they pick up the kids, and we were not aware of this tidbit of information.  I guess we should've realized it, but we just thought we were a little too early.. but then after about 10 minutes of wondering where the bus was.. we saw it.. yep, the bus was heading out of town from a different location.. and my daughter and I looked at each other with a look of Say What?.. can ya picture it? :0)
Well, I drove my daughter all the way to school, and we had a great laugh about it..  it was rather hilarious actually, we are pretty good at making the best of things - and boy did we laugh!  and I doubt that she will ever forget her first day of high school, that is for sure! ha..

- My Fall Décor so far... fall flowers and decorations in my opinion are just beautiful!
(well, most of them anyway)

Have a great weekend!

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Decorating for Fall Ya'll.. 2013

Yep, I sure did...
 I already started my fall decorating.
In my defense.. it is hard not to when the stores are full of fall decorative accents all over
the place, and bags and bags and bags of candy corn. :0)

( However, on a side note - I dislike candy corn, except maybe to decorate with.. just saying )

So I thought I would share some of my Fall décor so far..

Of course my scarecrow kids..  too cute!

A Fall floral arrangement on our entertainment center...

Adding some sunflowers into my wreath in the kitchen...

Changing up the tablescape...

 and gotta love my scarecrow that my daughter made me years ago from a pringles can..
How cute is that?  Love!

More to come.. :0)

Wacky Photo Share..

I decided to share a couple 'wacky' photo's today..

So if you follow my blog you probably know we decided to add chickens to our
list of animals here on the ranch last year... I must admit it took some getting use to. 
However it is a normal thing now, and it definitely saves money vs. buying cage free eggs. 

Well, one of our chickens had a monster of an egg recently...

I can't even put the lid on my egg container.. :0)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

For my second wacky photo today..
This weekend I was cooking chicken to shred up and make quesadilla's for lunch.

Well, I was cooking it on the stove in one of my favorite pots.. my pasta pot.
You probably all know this pot.. :0)  That famous orange..

When all the sudden we heard a weird noise, and my husband said...  your pan lid just imploded.
Say what? I went in there, and this is what we had going on..

Not cool.. :0)

I had a spoon tucked under the lid, plus it also has a pour spout on the pot itself, so it didn't build up pressure.. just a totally weird, freaky, strange thing.. and yeah, we tossed the pot/lid/lunch and I cleaned up glass for a long time, it must've been over 2 hours because there were tiny bits of glass all over, definitely not fun.
So after cleaning the entire kitchen, mopping the floor, and wiping it all down many times over with every dish towel I own practically... because I wanted to be sure I got it all... well, by this time it was close to 3:00 in the afternoon and we hadn't had lunch yet.. so yep.. we just went out to eat! ha, ha...

I am gonna miss my pasta pot. :0)
I am not sure if I will replace it or not.. maybe one of these days. 

On another note, I made chicken quesadilla's last night for supper, without incident. :0)

That's it for Tuesday's Wacky Photo Share..

This week is back to school week for us..
our son started college yesterday, and our daughter's school starts tomorrow.
My oh my, this summer has flown by.

Flea Market Find.. a Chair gets a new look

While we were on our girls day out/back to school shopping trip..
we stopped in a flea market on the way back home, ya know... just because.

I managed to find something to bring home.. :0)
I have been keeping my eye out for some chairs, and while they had a pair of beautiful wood ornate chairs, they were definitely priced higher than I wanted to spend on them... but then we came across this one...
This not so pretty but sturdy, definitely needing some TLC, wood chair.

On Saturday I decided to change it up, so I sanded it down..

Got out my paint (Peacock Blue) and went to work.. and you guessed it...
of course I added the black for more detail. :0)

So much better.. and will look perfect in my craft room!

and here is a Before/After shot...

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Friday Favorites... (8/23/13)

I know it is rather late getting this post up, but we have had a extremely busy day today...
and a fun one!   (see Friday favorite #2) :0)

Here we go..

#1).   Fall Decorating has begun..    Fall is definitely a favorite time of year, and while I am not looking forward to cold weather necessarily, I am looking forward to the fall fashion it brings...

#2).   Some back to school shopping with my daughter, and my mom came along as well... we had a girls day out today ya might say.   Wahooo for a wonderful and fun shopping day! Good times!

#3).  Burgers and Fries after a long day of shopping... yum.

#4).  I decided to change up the hairdo this week, I considered going super short.. which I have had plenty of short hairstyles... but in the end I just decided to cut myself some bangs, afterall it does take some time to grow out a super short hairdo.. :0)
 I am glad that is what I decided to do, I am actually really liking the bangs so far. 

#5).  Photo's of the sky, clouds, sunsets, and the beauty of the outdoors in general... always a favorite!

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Changing things up.. living room tables and some paint

I was kind of looking around the living room thinking it was crowded.. :0)
So  I decided to move out my coffee table, and end tables and see how it looked
without them in the space...   so much more room!

Since I had that settled they were moved out of the house, and I had to decide what to put in their place..
Then I remembered we had this little round side table that has been painted about 4 or 5 different colors by now, that I could use but it would need some TLC again..
so..  on to the 6th color. :0)

Here it is before I painted it.. (again)
White with a chalkboard painted top..

Ok.. so can you guess what color I used this time around?
I will give you a second to think about it....
Got your answer?   :0)

Are you thinking Peacock Blue?  ha..

If so, then you will be surprised to see...
Cinnamon Stick.

and of course I added some black to give it a little depth.

My living room is mostly in shades of caramel tones with burgundy/hunter green for the most part..
so I thought this deep orange would be a nice neutral but still have a pop of color to it.
(It is actually showing up brighter in the photo below than it really is..)
For the other side of the room, I chose to use a wood half moon table that I had
placed elsewhere in the house.
And here is a glimpse of the room from the orange table..
(I enjoy using soft focus, have you noticed) :0)

Pay no attention to the scarecrow kids... Ok, I admit it - I started decorating for fall. :0)

My Craft room.. the sewing side

I have been working on getting my new craft room space organized.. and I am using what I have around the house to do it.
There is quite a bit to show to I am going to break it up into more than one post.

Today I decided that I will be sharing the Sewing side of things..

I spent some time over the weekend getting all my sewing stuff dug out and placed into the room.. since I didn't have a designated space for my sewing supplies before,  they were in a large plastic container in a closet.. so the thread was kind of fun to get organized if you can imagine. :0)

But I got it done.. and here it is!

Friday Favorites... (8/16/13)

Friday Favorites..

#1).  First and Foremost - We got to go for a day trip and see our son this week. Yay!

#2). I worked on/off in my craft room.. it is slowly getting there.  More to share next week I hope
       on the progress.

#3). Angel Food cake.. (made one and took it to our son)

#4).  I have went through a lot of  "Stuff" this week, organizing and getting rid of...
        and I have a huge donate pile ready to go!  Yay for clearing out the clutter!

#5). My Office Update - so enjoying the new look.

I am ready for the weekend..
How about you?

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My Office Chair Gets a Makeover and my corkboard too

I decided to give my computer area a quick update..

First I decided I would redo my chair..
HERE is where this chair first started.. (one of my favorite thrift store finds yet)

Here is what I did with it before...

What a difference!
However, I decided it was ready for a change again.. a pop of color indeed!
So I took it outside, removed the seat.. and started painting.

While the paint was drying I started working on the seat, taking out some of the
nails.. (oh what fun - not so much)

Then I covered it with the new fabric I chose to use, which I already had.. 
and it matches my corkboard, which hangs above my desk.  My Cluttered CorkBoard that is..  :0)

Then placed it back onto the chair when it was completely dry.. and took a look at it.
Just what I wanted!

I couldn't stop there ya know...

So my CorkBoard got some color as well...

I took the clutter off.. 
Here it is.. the reason my blog name is: Cluttered CorkBoard
because it is always covered in 'stuff'.  :0)

I taped off the inside with painters tape, to protect the fabric that I modge podged on it 
a long time ago.. and then gave the border a couple coats of paint so it would match my chair.

Then of course I added all my photo's/momento's (aka: clutter) back onto my newly
decorated corkboard... in a somewhat more organized fashion,
 and here is my new updated office space.

I am really liking the pop of color that was otherwise pretty neutral... and my office
space just has a new, and freshly organized look to it.
Sometimes, I think a simple change can make a big difference!

I think I am kind of stuck on this color lately. :0)

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Craft room Hutch gets a new look..

One of the first projects I tackled for the new craft room was this hutch..

It has been in my husbands family for a long time..
It worked out well on my craft table,  and will be great for organizing as well as lots of storage.
However,  I decided to paint it.
Using the same color I used on my Desk recently...
Here it is...

Now I just have to find some extra time to get it all organized..
so the "work in progress" continues...

An empty room equals bedroom switch and a makeover...

Since my son recently moved out for college, and plans to be there for the next four years.

We were left with a large empty room to do something with..

My daughter chose to switch rooms, as his room was much bigger than hers.
So we got to work and had fun changing it up... painting, and organizing, and
moving her stuff in.

Here is the before:

Yep, it was a deep charcoal.. almost black color and a medium shade of gray..
but it actually looked really nice with all his black furniture,
and tons of computer stuff/electronics everywhere. :0)

But... it was time to change it up, and quite a change it is!

After about 10 coats of paint (to cover the black) we were finally done with the walls.
(ok so I am exaggerating and it wasn't actually 10 coats..- but definitely fealt like it)

So after lots of paint, and lots of organizing and going through all of her stuff, and moving
her furniture in..

It now looks like this:

(paint colors are: Peacock Blue and Orange Slice by Glidden)

What a difference paint makes.
Such a fun room and loving those colors together.. so cheerful.

Well now I have a smaller empty room to do something with.
I debated on just turning it into a bedroom for our son and just keeping it that way...
but after quite a bit of thought and struggling with the idea a little... I faced the reality that
He is most likely not moving back home, at least not anytime soon that is.. and at most will come home for a day or two when he does get to come to visit.  I understand that all just fine in my head,  it just took my heart a little longer to face up to it, if ya know what I mean. :0)

So I finally decided that I would go ahead and turn it into a Craft room/Guest room, and that I might as well use the space for my craft supplies.. and I have quite a bit!  I really would like to get back to scrapbooking soon.. I am so far behind it is ridiculous!
And if by some chance his plans do change, I know that I could have it back to a bedroom in less than 24 hours.

So my new Craft room/Guest room is now a work in progress.
Stay tuned..

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Friday Favorites... (8/08/13)

Wow, what a week..

We have gotten rain just about every day, if not every day.. and lots of it! :0)

My garden is still going strong, and I'm certainly thankful for that.
Gardens are a lot of work, but in my opinion.. it's worth it!  I was able to get a couple jars
of tomatoes canned finally. Yay!

Enrollment was this week, so that is done.. and now we had better get
to school shopping soon.  It will be starting up before we know it.

Well, It's that time again... time for Friday favorites...

#1).  My Updated Entry..  really enjoying the new look!

#2). Freezer Cooking.. I have been adding to it all week, gotta love having a stocked freezer!

#3). My adorable Blue Desk.. it came a long way from the dark brown color it was before.  I am still deciding  if I want to use it for scrapbooking or a sewing table.. Hmm?

#4). Which leads me to working on my craft room this week.. since my son moved out and plans to be away at the university for the next 4 years I was left with an empty room.. so it is now going to be my craft room/guest room.. It took me a while to decide to use it, but in facing reality he most likely won't be moving home in the near future, but he will have a nice space available when he decides to come home for a visit!  If by chance plans change.. I guarantee I can have that room back into a bedroom in less than 24 hours! You better believe that! :0)

#5).  Home made salsa.. Home grown tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, garlic, cilantro, yep.. one of my favorite foods, yum!

Free Desk Gets a Makeover..

I was given a old wood desk recently..

It is a solid wood piece of furniture that really just needed a change of color.
So I sanded it all down, and painted the whole thing (inside and out).

I was undecided on the color choice at first.. but decided to go with a shade of gray.

When it was dry, I used black paint and a dry sponge brush to give it a little more of an aged look by lightly painting the surface, paying more attention to the corners/edges of the piece, as I want them to have more depth and stand out even more.

I liked it for the most part...

until I put it in the room.  Hmm..

After waiting a couple days and still not liking it..
I changed it again. :0)

I got out my Peacock Blue paint and when it was dry, I used black paint again with a dry sponge
brush to add the depth I was wanting.

Now it looks like this..

Much better..  I decided to leave the inside gray.. I like the contrast when I open up the drawers.

I am so happy with how it turned out this time.

Which is why paint is so great in my opinion,
if you don't like it after you paint it.. paint it again.. :0)

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