DIY a simple but beautiful Christmas Lantern Swag

I am starting to think about Christmas decorating for our home, and
decided to make a new Christmas theme Lantern Swag and get a jump start!

So I thought I would share how I made this pretty swag with you.

 supplies I used:

- Ribbon (3 types - these are wired but not necessary)
- Greenery (Christmas Florals / Picks)
- Twine or a large stretchy ponytail holder
-  Scissors
- Wire cutters

Bedroom Update Bedding in Black and White

I have been working on updating our Master Bedroom, and it has been a
slow go kind of process.
Ya know the kind right?  Please tell me I am not the only one with those
kind of projects.. :0)

I have had this "What to do in here question?" playing over and over in my mind..
So I just decided to change up the bedding.  I thought that would be
a good starting point.  Plus it is such a quick update that can
make a impact in minutes.  Gotta love those kind of updates!

 Quilt vs. Comforter?   Well.. I  have come to the conclusion
that I prefer the lighter weight quilts.. my reasoning behind that conclusion is
they are easier to wash/dry at home, they are warm but not too heavy in my
opinion, and I really like to layer when it comes to bedding.
(and clothing for that matter) :o)

 So yep, that was my conclusion on that matter.

I decided to look for something neutral, especially since I am undecided what
I want to do in this space.  So I looked for something in black/white, or in a gray/white
color scheme.  That way I could change up the look with pops of color with pillows,
a throw, etc..  So the search was on.

I came across a pretty Gray and White Striped one here  that I was considering,

but then this Black and White one kind of caught my eye.

Eventually that is the one I ended up deciding on.
I went with the King size even though we have a queen size bed and it
worked out perfectly.  It has black/white damask print on one side and
reverses to a more geometric type pattern on the other.

I prefer the damask as you can see.. :0)

I added some fun throw pillows to add a little color and to tie the rooms current
decor together a little more.
 (similar Turquoise pillow here , and the Love you more pillow here .)

I haven't had it long enough to speak of the lasting quality of it,

but so far I like it.

This room is a work in progress.. and has a loooong  way to go.

I definitely have some idea's on what I want to do in here, but I am liking our
progress so far.. the faux leather bench that we added not long ago is a nice
organizational addition and is on my style pick List..  and of course I like
the bedding.. :0)    but there are a lot of things I am debating on..

New headboard?  New Wall Color?  Darker Wall color? Lighter Wall color?
Paint the furniture? Add a rug? and on and on..

Hmm.. Did I mention this is a slow go project? :0)

So do you have any rooms in your house that are just 'slow go'?
Not sure what exactly to do or what you want to do in it?

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Chair Redo with Cow Print Faux fur

My office chair needed a update.. 

The lightweight fabric I had previously
used worked well but after tons of use it worn/ripped at the corner so it was time
for a new look.

Free Printables Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Shopping

Have you got your Thanksgiving plans figured out yet?
I was thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and
thought it might be a good time to start thinking about the menu.

Zoom in on what we are going to have, so I know what to shop for and
keep an eye out for if there is a sale at the grocery store, and
then of course so I don't leave anything out.. :0)

The way this year has been going it t will be here before we know it.

So I decided to write out a list for our Thanksgiving dinner, which led
to why not make a simple printable list to share with you all.

So that's what I did..

So to get a jump start on the planning for Thanksgiving Dinner..
Here is a free printable including sections for appetizer, main course,
sides, and desserts.

To get the Free Thanksgiving Printable, Click ---> HERE!

Have you started your Christmas shopping or are thinking about
starting it..  if so you may want to make a list for that as well.
So I also have a Free Printable Christmas shopping list for that..

It has a space for names and space beside that for gift idea's,
and I added a tiny circle before each line, so you could check the name/items
off your list if you'd like,  as well a section along the bottom for added Notes..

Click here -->> for the FREE Printable – Christmas Shopping List!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Fall Decor 2016

I thought I would share a few photo's of some of my Fall Decor that I
have placed here and there throughout my home.

Note: I am kind of fond of  fall florals with burlap.. 
as you will see. :0)

Current Beauty Faves

Since my 40th  *cough* birthday I have been really focusing a little more
on my skincare, beauty products, playing around with different brands of makeup
and just having fun with makeup probably more so now since my Vanity Redo . :0)

So I thought I would put together a "Shop Faves" page of some of my current
favorite beauty products to share with you all.   I know I appreciate hearing and
reading about what others like and what they use so thought it would be fun to
share some of my own.
I will be updating it as it changes, and I have placed a link to it at the sidebar as well
as under my new "style" page.

So let's get to some of my current fave's..


milani "luminoso" blush              clump crusher mascara             anastasia brow wiz

                      nyx butter gloss                             phys. formula glow palette

phys. formula butter bronzer        viva la juicy gold              purity made simple cleanser

These particular items are products that I have personally purchased and that I
am currently using.
I recently picked up the butter bronzer and really like it, and it has a
hint of coconut/suntan lotion kind of smell which surprisingly I actually like.
The butter gloss by nyx.. I would take just about every color, my current
favorite color is creme brulee.
I use both of the mascara's together quite often and haven't had a
problem with them adding little bits and hunks of goo on my lashes.
(spidery lashes anyone?)
The cleanser is definitely my "go to" facial cleanser. I have this in my beauty
arsenol all .. the .. time.  I also use it for cleaning my makeup brushes. :0)
The blush I got because of several recommendations/good reviews and I have
to agree.. it's a good color, and a pretty one in my opinion.
The glow palette is one of my must haves I would say.. a little goes a long way
but I use it as a highlighter on my cheek bones and really like it.
The brow pencil is also a newer purchase based on reviews and they didn't let
me down.. I really like the brush on one end and retractable pencil on the other, and
I haven't had any trouble with it breaking off like some.

So there ya have it, a quick run down on a few of my fave's.
To see more of my fave's go to my "Shop Faves Page Here ".

So what are some of your beauty fave's lately?
Do you read through reviews before purchasing or do you just give it a whirl?
I am definitely a review reader, Lol.. I like to see what others think especially
if I consider it a splurge type of purchase.

Have a beauty-ful day! :0)

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Inexpensive Vanity Stool

I recently just redid my Antique Vanity Here  and since I decided to start using it
for a makeup vanity,  Well.. I needed something to sit on. :0)

Not just any something because my antique vanity has a very narrow
width available for pushing in a chair and that was a must in my opinion. So the
search was on.

I started brainstorming on what I could do for a vanity stool.
I searched online for a chair, stool, etc. and the very few that I found that
had measurements that would work were so expensive I couldn't justify such a purchase.
So I decided I could make one.
The more I was thinking about it I decided I could buy a wooden bar stool and just cut it
down to the height I needed since the measurements that they had would work in my
So that is what I was looking at while at a nearby store, when we came across
this 24" metal and foldable stool.    It had rubber feet which were removable and
I asked my husband if he could cut it down and he said he could, so it went in our
shopping cart.

So we brought it home and I checked the height next to my vanity and decided
where I wanted the height to be.  Took the rubber feet off, and used a tape measure
and silver sharpie marker to mark where I needed each leg cut.  I had him cut it to where
it would be right at 19.5" in height.  Which is probably a little random, but that is the
height I decided on after comparing my office chair to it. :0)

After he cut it down for me, I brought it back in and placed the rubber feet back on.
(being careful as the metal edge was very sharp)

So simple.
For now I am leaving it black because it works.
However, this stool could easily be spruced up, spray painted, and so on
if I decide to change it up at some point.

If you are interested in a similar stool, I actually found one online that is
only 18" tall here: Trademark Gameroom Black Cushioned Folding Stool, 18"..
so it probably would have worked with no need for cutting, or a similiar
24" style is here: Trademark Gameroom Black Cushioned Folding Stool, 24" .

Such a quick and relatively inexpensive solution.
(Plus a little bit of padding on the seat was nice compared to the wood barstool I was
considering at first. Lol)

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DIY Makeup Vanity Redo with Lighted Mirror

Do you remember where this vanity started?
It all began with this:

(You can see the original: Blog Post HERE.)

and the finish result was just beautiful and exactly what I was looking for:

However, I made the mistake of using poly that was not water based to seal it,
and the poly eventually changed to shades of yellow, and that was definitely
not the look I was going for.

Lesson Learned!

So I finally decided it was time for a Redo.
Which led to me thinking I should actually use this as a makeup vanity.
Which led to a DIY lighted mirror project. (of course) :0)

So I figured out what I wanted and picked up some inexpensive light bars, electrical
stuff and so on.. and waahlaa..

Added some paint and here is the before-after photo:

It is all glammed up. :0)

I am liking the peacock blue for now, but honestly it has had to grow on me because
at first I was wondering if I should've just went back to white.. for now I like it,
 and it's only paint so if I decide to change it up it really isn't that hard to do.

I kept the original antique mirror that goes to my vanity and have placed it in a safe place.

(Just a note: There are a lot of you tube video's on diy vanity mirrors with lighting 
if you are interested in building your own.)

For mine, I went ahead and added a dimmer switch and a plug end as well.
So I am able to dim the lights to where I would like them, and if I need to use my hair
straightener etc. I can also do that without having to get behind the desk to plug it
in.   Plug ends always seem like they are in the most inconvenient places, what is 
up with that? :0)

So I have also free'd up space in my bathroom as my makeup has now moved to 
my vanity.  I have been having fun organizing it and being able to see exactly where
everything is, which is quite nice.  

Previously it was all organized the best that I could in a 
drawer here , and my makeup 'stuff' has grown quite a bit so it was getting a little 
rediculous in one drawer.  I seemed to always be kind of looking/digging for
the item I wanted.

I am extremely pleased with my little makeup space.. I have already used the vanity
more since I gave it a new look, than I have over the past 2+ years that 
I have owned it. :0) 

In case your interested in the light bars that I chose to use for my vanity
lighted mirror I have included the item photo/link below:
(feel free to click on the photo  of the lights for the product/details)

So where do you like to put on your makeup?
Bathroom? at a vanity? by a window? 

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