Gray and White

Since redoing my Master Closet..
it led me to rethinking our Master Bedroom.

Does that happen to anyone else?
One project leading to a new one.. 

So I am in the searching stage..
searching, deciding, debating stage.

Leaning towards a neutral look and mostly
gray and white items, (with a few blush pink) 
here are a few things I have found.
(I think I am really liking the ruffles) :0)

If you missed my closet redo, you can see it Here.

Have a great day!

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Master Closet Reveal

I am so excited to share my Master Closet now that I have it all finished.

To me one of the best parts of tackling a project is seeing it all pulled together.

Drumroll please.... 

Why didn't I do this years ago?

Love it.

So here was my plan for storage..

However, I couldn't stop there, after loading up our closet with our clothes, etc.
it was time to tackle the shoe storage, so I added more shelving.

This space was wasted before by the door that was here.
However, since I removed it I was able to take advantage of this extra space by
using 2 small shelving units  and adding 3 more shelves onto the wall above

I knew I wanted a designated space for my taller boots (similar here) , so I used a pair of them
to get a measurement before deciding where to place the shelves onto the wall.
I try to always think about how I want to use a space before building, or drilling
holes. :o)

We have a small home and on my mission to decorate (and redecorate)
and get everything organized,
I have learned vertical storage is kind of a must, and not to overlook extra space
when you find it.

(cute animal print boots can be found here)

I am so glad I decided to remove that door!

I really like having the extra drawer space in the closet.  
Plus now I know I can build a drawer! Oh the projects that I have in mind.. Lol.

I did have to downsize some stuff, but that is okay with me.
It was time to dig a little deeper and be a little pickier about what I really
 wanted to keep.
(I have always thought I did pretty good at getting rid of clutter/stuff, but 
maybe I should check out this book and read about the konmari method that
 I have heard so much about) Anyone read it?

When I see how this space looks now compared to the before.. it is definitely worth
letting go of some things, I am not missing any of it, and honestly it makes me want
to get rid of more stuff. :0)

I am actually enjoying this space now, and we can actually walk in our walk in 
closet.. and hey, what girl doesn't like a organized closet?     

(You can see more about my Master Closet here (part 1), and here (part 2). )

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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Building My Custom Closet

Welcome to part 2 of my Master Closet Overhaul..
(you can see Part 1 Here)

I had my closet ready and supplies in hand.. and it was time to get to work.
So I started measuring and cutting.

I modified the measurements for my tower builds to be taller than the ones in the
plans that I was following.
I wanted to use as much vertical space as I could, but still leave plenty of room
along the top for storage as well so I just adjusted it to what worked for our space.

Custom Master Closet part 1

I briefly mentioned I had a project for our Master Closet in mind..
and it is making some good progress.

Our closet was just one of those spaces that I knew had a lot more potential, and
the wire racks  just weren't cutting it anymore.  I  fealt like I had done all I
could with them, and never liked them anyway, so it was time to do something
else and tackle this mess.

After measuring our space,
I started by looking at closet systems and what was available to purchase in
the marketplace.
I did find a set up I liked but wasn't exactly convinced that was the way I wanted to go.
(Plus I would still have to build it, and install it) :o)

So I searched online for idea's, and found several that I liked 'this' or 'that' about,
but then I ended up finding a plan for a closet build here that I liked, and
I knew I could modify it to fit what I wanted.
So I started drawing up different design scenario's, with our closet
layout/dimensions in mind.

(I took a couple different drafting classes in school, so I have the basic 
idea but that was quite some time ago.. ha) 

After I had pretty much decided on a design.. (subject to change of course) 
I decided to just remove our closet door..  it wasn't really necessary.
After all, we never actually used the door, it was always left open.
Now I can take advantage of all the wall space that the
door was hiding inside of our closet in a much more usable way.

Then I moved things around in the closet, used painters tape to tape off the design, and
I even used some small cubby shelves that I already had to get a better visual.

Plus I was able to measure the width of a section of clothes while they were still
hanging to see if they would fit okay in the design layout that I was leaning towards.

I realized I will have to purge a few things.. but that is fine with me.
I know I never wear some of it,  so this will be the nudge I need to get rid of a
few things. (or quite a few things)

So I had my design.
I had the measurements that I needed.
Now it was time to empty the space.

So I took everything out..
clothes, shoes, shoe shelves, hamper, and those not my favorite: wire racks!

Then I was left with a clean slate with several lovely holes from the wire racks, etc.
so I picked up some spackle, and got to work.

Then I gave the room a fresh new coat of paint.

(I used the paint color: Kilz Chipped Granite)

Lumber/Supplies list in hand.. off to Home Depot!

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Must have beauty tool (in my opinion)

I came across this item while walking through the beauty department,
and it just kind of caught my eye.. mostly because I hadn't seen such a thing
before in person.. plus it was in the clearance section which was a bonus..


We had a busy weekend..
We celebrated our Sons Birthday,
our Daughters High School Graduation,
and of course Mothers Day.

I was up early decorating the yard and inside of the house.
Thankfully the wind wasn't terrible and everything stayed put. :0)

We had a cookout after graduation (pretty much last minute),
so not everyone was able to come but we had a really good time.

Out with the old in with the new

When we purchased our house it had new kitchen appliances in it as well,
and the fridge was definitely on the smaller side,
so I have wanted to get one for quite a while but it is something we put off,
it wasn't really a priority and after all it worked perfectly fine.

It got to the point where I made it a priority.. Lol.
It had metal rails that went across each shelf  on the inside of the door
which has the purpose of holding the items in place, but
from cramming too much stuff in it we managed to break one of them from years of
over stuffing it I suppose :0).  So it was time to do something.

I thought about replacing the rail and I did find it online.. but decided
instead to look at refrigerators.

So after spending time looking at them in stores and comparing
features, I figured out what I wanted and didn't want.

It had to be quite a bit bigger than what we had.
Adjustable bins in the door instead of fixed rails.
The freezer on the bottom.
     (since we have a deep freeze I wanted more space in the refrigerator part)
 A large pantry drawer.
Adjustable shelving.
And one that I could place gallon size/over sized items in the door.

So next I  read online reviews, researched, measured what would fit into our space,
and measured again, and going back and forth on it
(french doors vs. single door, stainless vs. white etc.)
 I finally made up my mind and ordered one.

Flea Market and Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend.
The weather was perfect so we spent a lot of time outdoors!

We worked on the pool,  getting it all ready for the season.
I am hopeful to get it ready to go by next weekend.

Our daughter had a project for her room in mind so we loaded up
to go to Home Depot to see what we could find,
or get a better idea of what we wanted to do anyway.

On the way there we stopped by a Flea Market, and we found a lot of neat stuff.

I almost bought that little wood table,   I just couldn't think of where I would
put it and I am trying to be careful about bringing items into our house if I don't have
an actual purpose for it.  
I am still thinking I should've just bought it though, lol.

Our daughter did pick out this pretty stool that someone had redone, (so cute!) 
and it works perfectly with her vanity.  So that made the trip worth it right there.

We have a new puppy in our house.
Our daughter recently got this lil guy...

He is a miniature Aussie and just adorable. He has lots of energy, and
is quite smart, and he sure can make ya laugh!
My dog gets along with him very well and they quickly became buddies..
so it is working out great.

Besides this new fella,
I am also dog sitting for our son a bit this weekend as well,
so the fur family is keeping me busy.
I think I would pick busy over bored about any day though. 

On another note I had a lot of feedback on my instagram photo with my
bright pink/purple camo hat, and I have gotten a lot of compliments while wearing it.
While grocery shopping an elderly man told me he thought he almost needed
sunglasses when he saw me, but that it sure was pretty..  it was so funny.

So if interested, you can find the ball cap Here .

I better get busy..
the fur family is waiting on me. :0)

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Mothers Day Gift List

Mothers Day is just around the corner and I thought I would  put together a few
fun idea's to share with you today.. 

Have you seen
  Color Your Own Coffee Mugs before.. they look like a lot of fun!
 I came across this pretty Mother of Pearl/Sterling Silver Jewelry Set 
that caught my eye,  :o) and a tablet/Cookbook Holder is something I wouldn't mind.
I have mentioned before that I like bags..
Well, I came across this Fossil Tote that is currently on sale, (in different colors)
 and then this Floral Tote looks really pretty for spring/summer,
and who doesn't love a new candle.
(Candles: Here or Here .)
 Of course there are gift cards, flowers, and so many other
things a person could give their mom to show their appreciation.

What is the best gift you have ever gotten for Mothers Day, or given?
Would love to hear it!

Gifts are always so much fun, and so appreciated.
I think one of my favorite things I have gotten is the handmade cards from my
kiddos, and the coffee mugs my kids made for me during school..  just precious!

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Sharing My Style

I mentioned before that since turning the 4   0.
I have paid more attention to my skincare , but I also
tend to pay more attention to my style, and yes,
a little more to my eating habits and health.

I decided I would share a little more about me, and my own
personal style.

I am a mother of 2, our son is soon to be 22 and our daughter is soon to be 19.
I love the outdoors, and I am definitely a country girl.
I am married to my best friend who just so happens to be a cowboy..
Cattle, Horses, ATV's, Trucks, Boots, Dirt, and
other kinds of 'Dirt' (did i mention cattle?) and so on. :0)

I don't own a lot of what I would consider 'dressy' clothes..
however, I have branched out a little in that department in the last year.

To be quite honest, for the most part I always liked different styles and
'looks' (on other people) just never thought it would work or look so great on me,
or the 'what would people think if I stepped out of my norm or the norm' scenario..
which would make it uncomfortable to wear if I am busy being concerned about that.
Anyone else ever think like that? Ugh.

After the summer we had last year.. (major auto accident)
It kind of changed my thinking in some ways..  so I decided that
if I like something, even if it isn't the norm or my norm..
I am going to at least try it on.  Who knows.. I may bring it home and I may
not but at least I went on a decision that I made,
and not a prejudgment of 'it looks good on the mannequin but no way
it would look good on me', etc.
That is a whole other post in itself.  :0)

So in the hopes of helping someone else to step out of their own comfort zone..
I am going to step out of mine here on the blog.
I decided that I am not going to shy away from the uncomfortable,
("getting photo's of me taken.. and sharing them.. very uncomfortable, and
definitely not in this girls comfort zone!)  
and the thoughts that have came when thinking about
posting such a thing as this..  Well, I am just gonna do it.
(before I change my mind!)

So here is one of my everyday go to outfits..

I am a ponytail in the hair, ball cap wearing gal.
(which is really nice for those.. 'don't want to take the time to curl or straighten the 
hair kind of days' ~ or gonna be working outside kind of days ~ just keeping it real) :0)

I am a casual Denim and Tee wearing gal.

(This tee is one of my go-to favorites, less frumpy then a boxy tee, 
 and it is currently on sale for less than 10 dollars. So if you are looking for a casual, 
comfy tee that doesn't hurt the budget ya may want to check it out)

I am a handbag fan..  (just ask my hubby) 

This particular crossbody is nylon and extremely lightweight.
It also has a lot of safety features built in, which is nice for traveling.
I have my share of heavy bags, some of my favorites are quite heavy.. but sometimes I just
don't want to lug a heavy bag..  this was one of those times.

 I also appreciate a good shoe, boot, sandal etc.

If you have spent any kind of time at a chiropractor, you have probably heard good
shoes are important.
So I am willing to invest in quality shoes, sandals, etc..
These sandals by Alegria are some of my current fave's.

Outfit details: 
 Sandals: Here  Tee: Here (petite), Here (tall), or similar Here .
Vigoss capri's: similar Here or Here
Crossbody bag by Travelon: similar Here or Here
Floral ball cap: Here or similar style Here  
watch/tracker: Here 

I have also been trying to make myself exercise more these days,
using the treadmill, occasional workout video, some weights on/off, and trying to
do better at reaching my step goals. (trying being the key word)
I wear this Fitbit Charge 2 to track them for me and I like that it also tracks my sleep patterns,
and heart rate and it is nice to see who is calling/texting if I am not near my phone.. that is
probably my favorite part. lol.
I have been looking at elliptical trainers trying to decide to add one of those into the mix
or not.  There are several options out there.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for in an elliptical
 or recommendations?  If so I'd love to hear it.

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Sprucing up the shutters

When we moved into our (what was then new) home, the shutters were a rustic red shade,
which was fine.

Not long after however we had a mega hail storm roll through, and we had to replace siding, a window, and the roof.
We chose to add a metal roof instead of going with traditional shingles, and ended up picking
out a dark gray.   Well, I no longer liked the rustic red shade on our shutters
with our light gray siding, and dark gray roof..
so I opted to take them off the house and spray paint them black.

It has been several years since then, and the paint had started fading off and revealing the
red color underneath.
 The shutters were looking a little shabby to say the least!

So I spent a day removing the shutters and repainting them.
(with a little help this time from my hubby)

This project was long overdue to say the least. :0)

I chose to go with a Matte finish this time, and am happy that I did.. it almost looks more like a
deep dark charcoal gray which is what I really wanted in the first place but couldn't find a
spray paint in that color.   So I am really pleased with how they turned out.

What a difference a little time, and a fresh coat of paint can make. :0)