Happy New Year - 2015

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and blessed New Year!

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving - 2014

Wishing you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

a weekend recap with a thrifty find

We had the best weekend..
We went on an overnight trip to my in-laws and had an early Thanksgiving
with them and we had the best time.
It was great getting to visit with everyone and getting to spend a little time with
our son too. Yay!

Our daughter designed the veggie tray for dinner...

It was so cute.

While we were there we went to the goodwill store.. just because.
We don't have any near where we live so whenever we
go visit them - we have to stop.  I guess it's kind of mandatory.

My daughter found a couple things,  and while I did see a few things I really
liked.  I only bought one.

A large vase that is absolutely one of the neatest I have ever seen.
Someone spent some time making this.  The glass has been frosted
in a checkerboard design, and certainly looks to be hand painted  as it has
a signature on the bottom.   It will be so pretty next spring.

I just love the little bee's and ladybugs.

Friday Favorites... (11/21/14)

I am so ready for this weekend,
How about you?  We are going on a little road trip to see our son and visit
with family, and of course Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.
I am looking forward to it!

Here are a few of my top favorites from the week...

1).  I guess I was in a baking mood this week... Well, that and I had banana's
      that needed to be used up. :0)   Banana Bread anyone?

2).  I also tried a new recipe.. cookies with ROLO's inside. Did ya hear me?
      ROLO'S!!! Gooey caramel-y goodness.. uh, yes I will definitely be adding these
      to my recipe box.

3).  It snowed... just a little. (emphasis on just a little)

4).  Guest Bathroom Progress - progress is a good thing.

5).  My Antique Frame Turned Christmas Wreath.. simple and unique, and just
      stinking cute.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Antique Frame Turned Christmas Wreath

You may remember how I used an old antique wood frame for a wreath back
in the spring...

(You can see how I used it as my Spring Wreath: HERE)

I have since changed wreaths a few times, but I decided to revisit my antique frame
for upcoming Christmas.

I left the burlap ribbon on the frame that I had used in my spring wreath..
 just because I love the look of it and I thought it would go nicely with what I had in mind.

Bathroom Makeover progress

You may remember I started giving our guest bathroom a makeover
some time ago...

(original post: Bathroom Makeover Begins)

It started out like this:


and went to this: 


I knew I really liked the gray tones, but I had a hard time deciding
what color to use as the accent color.

After some thought..  I actually decided to try the deep burgundy
that I already had to see if I liked it with the gray.

I am really liking the light gray with the darker gray and deep burgundy accents.

Oh, and yes... you saw correctly - I am one of those people. 
I have already started decorating for Christmas. :0)

Holiday touches are here and there.  
Can you believe Christmas is coming up so quickly?

For now I am really liking the change in this room.
What is even better, I can change a few simple things out in this room at any given time,
and have an entirely different look.

A favorite post.. diy boot socks & scarf

Hello there...
Cold weather has made an appearance here in KS,
and the snow is falling as I type. :0)

Since it is now definitely cold enough to get out the winter attire,
I thought I would revisit a post that received a lot of views over the past
year for anyone that may have missed it.

It's a fun and super simply DIY project,  to add a pop of color to your wardrobe
using a simple old shirt and a pair of scissors.
This project is about as easy as it gets. :0)

(You can see the original post here->> No Sew DIY Boot Socks)

I used a fleece sweatshirt in pink, as well as a long sleeved camo tshirt.

I placed the sweatshirt flat, cut off the sleeve...

Then I cut off a long section of the shirt...  (around 10-12 inches wide)

Then I did the same thing with the Camo shirt...


Everyone needs some CAMO boot socks.. :0)

I have a new fondness for old shirts now...

You could sew some lace on top of the boot socks or buttons etc..  could also sew the scarf into a tube and make it a little more fancy of course.. but, I just chose to go simple for now.

Some of my favorite projects are the ridiculously simple ones..   

Hope you enjoyed my Post revisit today...
Have a great weekend.

Sharing Fall Projects from 2013...

School is back in session and all the being busy that comes along with that is here as well. :o)

The weather is taking a turn here tomorrow and we are suppose to have high temps in the low 60's... say what?  90+ today / 63 ish tomorrow.   Hello Fall!  Even if it's only for a day or two. I'll take it. :0)

So speaking of Fall like weather...
I thought I would share my previous Fall DIY projects with you today...

#1).   Scrap Wood Pumpkins DIY project.. using scrap pieces of wood and scrapbook paper.
         (so cute!)

#2).   Toilet Paper Pumpkins.. a fun DIY project using TP. (fun & easy project for kids!)

#3).   My Simple Fall Wreath.. using fabric, flowers, and a plant pick.

#4).   My country cute Milk Jug Pumpkin.. a no cost diy project.

#5). and #6).   Dollar Pumpkins get a makeover. (should've bought more of these..)

There ya have it.. a quick recap of my DIY Fall Projects for 2013.. 

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Bathroom makeover begins..

I decided to give my daughters bathroom (aka: guest bathroom) a new look.

So I have been working on it the past few days on/off...
Here is the before:

Oh the tomatoes... and a project in progress

We have had a really busy last few weeks.

We had a great time on vacation - it just went by way too fast. :0)

Our garden has been keeping us busy with lots (& lots) of tomatoes...
So I have been freezing, and canning.
The jalapeno's are about ready and salsa is in our near future. Yay.

I may rethink how many tomatoes to plant in the garden next year. :0)

Our daughter came up with a project that she found searching the internet...
and we decided to use this wooden hutch to make our own version.
So here is a sneak peek at what we have been working on... (here is the before)

This wooden hutch was given to us recently, and we are changing it up...
you'll never guess what it is going to be used for. :0)

I'll be sharing more on it soon.

DIY framed ribbon Cross project

Using things I had on hand, I previously made a ribbon cross and
framed it.  I love how it turned out.
And so I thought I would share this project with you today.

A Recipe Box Makeover

I was looking at my sad little recipe box and decided it was time for a diy project.
It is perfectly functional, used fairly often... but a makeover was in definitely
in order.

So I took it outside, and got out my can of metallic silver spray paint.

Bedroom Makeover Progress

We have slowly been giving our daughters room a new look...

Here is a reminder of the before...

Then we chose 'African Elephant Gray' for the walls...
and a few accessories...

Friday Favorites... 7/11/14

It's been a fast paced week... and I am looking forward to the weekend.
Let's get to the friday fave's shall we?

1).  My haircut.. going from really long to really short took me a while
       to decide to 'go for it'... but I am glad I did. (so far)  
       It's much easier to style, but I say that mostly because my hair is 
       really thick and it doesn't take long to dry now.  ha.. :0)

2).  & 3).  As a glass lampwork artist I don't usually keep too many beads, or
        make a lot of jewelry for myself - just a handful over the years.  So I decided
        to keep these 2 sets of beads and make myself some new bracelets. 
        I love how they are turning out.

4).  Our Garden gave us tomatoes and zucchini this week.. yum.

5).  Simple artwork using canvas, adhesive vinyl, and spray paint.
      Love a simple project like this one... (see the full post HERE)

Have a great weekend!

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Personalized Canvas Artwork using spray paint and vinyl

Here is a super simple way to create a piece of personalized canvas art...

The one I am showing now, I made this one for my daughters room.
Using a simple 8x10 canvas, some spray paint, glitter, and scrap piece
of adhesive vinyl.

I took my scrap piece of vinyl and just roughly drew the letter K on it.

Happy Fourth of July

Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday.

3 ingredients - Ranch Chicken

I thought I would share one of my daughters favorite foods of all time...
It is probably one of the easiest things to make as well.

3 ingredients.. ranch chicken.


Chicken breasts or tenders
Ranch dressing
Panko (japanese style) bread crumbs

Dip your chicken into the ranch, roll in the bread crumbs..
and bake or add a small amount of oil to a pan and fry.

So simple, and so good.
We serve them as chicken strips, or I like them cut up on a salad.

Friday Favorites (6/27/2014)

This week was a busy one and really seemed
to go by rather quickly, but I got quite a bit accomplished.

1).  I have been going through my closet and getting rid of stuff that needs to go.
However, there always seems to be a couple old sweatshirts that are ridiculously worn,
but so comfy and I have a hard time tossing those into the get rid of pile. :0)

2).  The empty candy sprinkles container that I up cycled into a travel kit.
     (you can check it out here if you'd like--->DIY Travel Hair Accessories kit )

3). Coffee. We actually ran out of coffee one day this week, and we sure did miss it! ha.

4).  I have a few 'to do' lists in the works...

5). I look forward to checking the items off some of those 'to do' lists
as we get closer to vacation time.

I have put in a lot of hours of work time this week, and I am looking forward to
the weekend.  

DIY a Hair accessories or Manicure kit for travel

I made cookies a few days ago and used the last of one of my candy sprinkles.
Just as I was about to throw out the container, and since I have had
vacation thoughts in the back of my mind lately...
I thought it would make a perfect travel size bottle for hair accessories.

One word - simplify

I was sitting at my computer today, getting ready to work on this or that..
and probably scan through some of my favorite blog sites if I had some time.

When I noticed this...

My one word in a frame that I made to put in my office space.
A one word reminder ya might say.


When I 'noticed' it - I couldn't help but think the word that would better
fit in that frame lately would be "Busy!"

Which in all honesty, I actually don't mind at all...
I like being busy, if it is a 'good' kind of busy.

However, I think there can also be a not so good kind of busy...
The kind where you feel rushed, and pulled in several directions at the same time
kind of busy.  That is a stressful, not so good kind of busy in my opinion.

Hopefully that made sense. :0)

My kind of busy these days... work, keeping up with the house, errands,
and vacation prep.

I have 4 different lists going right now on prepping for vacation.
From preparation of our household (animals etc) to what to take,
looking up information and so on.
I have the lists left out so we can add to them as we think of it, and
hopefully they will also help us not to forget anything. (fingers crossed)

So today I was reminded to work towards my goal of simplifying things...
However, I will be sure to enjoy the good kind of busy along the way.

So how about you, are you having a good kind of busy week?

Spinach Lasagna... recipe

I decided to try making a spinach lasagna... and we were pleased
with the result.. in fact I made it twice within a couple weeks.

So I thought I would share it with you today.


Lasagna Noodles (approx. 12)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 medium onion (chopped)
1 Tbsp minced garlic
2-3 cups of fresh spinach
2 cups ricotta (can substitute with cottage cheese if you like)
2/3 cup Romano cheese (grated)
3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 egg
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried basil leaves
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 jar of pasta sauce

Cook lasagna noodles in lightly salted water. 
(unless you buy the type that doesn't have to be cooked ahead of time)
Using a skillet I cooked the onions, and garlic in the olive oil until tender, 
and then took the mixture out and set that aside to cool.  
Boil the spinach for approx 5 minutes, drain water... then chop. 

In a mixing bowl goes the spinach, onion mixture, romano cheese, ricotta (or cottage cheese), 
salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and the egg.  Mix well.

Lay approx. 4 lasagna noodles in a 9x13 pan, top with a third of your spinach mixture, then a third 
of your jar of pasta sauce, and a third of the cheeses, continue layering 2 more times.

Cover with alum. foil and bake for approx. 1 hour at 350 degree's.

I have made this using Ricotta as well as substituting with Cottage cheese.. 
and both were good.  :0)