Ready for planting..

We picked up some tomato plants over the weekend...  16 to be exact.  :o)
We also got the garden area prepped and ready for planting.
I am looking forward to it.   Tomato's (and most everything) just
seem so much better from the garden.
Don't ya think? 

In other news...
After much thought, and some advice from our son in the decision making process...
we eventually chose a desktop computer to replace my suddenly decided to not work, laptop.
My photo software has also arrived, and now I should be good to go and back to regular
blog posting.  :0)

Have a wonderful Monday.

Ready for it...

I was looking through some of my photo's...
and had to share these beauties.

I am ready for the flowers to start showing up, yard work, gardening, warm temperatures...
and all the wonderful things that Spring brings with it... How about you?

Friday Favories... (3/21/2014)

Friday Favorites are a little different this week...
mostly because my not so favorite thing of the week:
my laptop decided it was done working. :(  
Thankfully I had recently put everything on discs,
so I didn't lose too much info, and I am glad about that.

Today, I am using the Mister's laptop.. and on the search
for myself a new computer. Which is a harder decision than
I thought it would be.

Which brings me to this week's Friday favorites..
They are going to be cut a little short,
lack photo's since I do not have my photo software currently,
and go a little something like this... 

(how's that for an exciting introduction? :0) Just makes you want to
keep reading right? Ha..)

-- First up, It is spring break here - and that is definitely a favorite this week.
Getting to spend time with our kids is the best.. we had so much fun.
It was so nice to have our son come home for a few days, went by too fast...

Now to the photo above...
--I shared all about our kitchen space over at A Stroll Thru Life yesterday. 
Marty is so kind and her blog is amazing... if you haven't checked it out yet,
you should. :0)

Have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I can make up my mind
on a computer soon. 
So many decisions... desktop/laptop/all in one/ and then
the brands... whew!

New Kitchen Chalkboard/Message Center

I decided to give my kitchen message board a makeover...
Previously it was just a plain clipboard with notebook paper on it,
and labeled "shopping list".   Which works great for the purpose, just kind of boring ya
might say? :0)

So to 'pretty it up'...  I got out my chalkboard paint, a long narrow notepad, a metal clip,
and something to use as a pen holder. (what could it be?) :0)

I used a small clamp to hold the clipboard's clip open so I could paint the entire thing, and
also to keep it out of the way until the paint had dried.

After a couple of coats, and letting it dry.
I placed the long narrow notepad in the clip, but to the side.
Then I glued a small decorative metal clip onto the board. This will be used to hold
those extra coupons that come on/in product boxes that I want to keep.
Then I wanted to add a pen/chalk holder.... so I found something for that...
a tic-tac container. :0)   Removed the lid and labels, then added washi tape
to cover the top and glued it in place.

and Waaaaahlaaaaaa....

After the glue had dried, I hung the clipboard back in place on the command hook.
So much better than the plain clipboard... and a lot more function since the pens, pencils, chalk,
and stray coupons all have a home! Yay.

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Spring Break...

Just stopping in to say Spring break is going amazing here...

Our son got to come home and spend a couple of days with us and we had
the best time...  I think we were all sore from laughing so hard, and our arms
sore from all the video games we played together...  it was so much fun.  
Due to his work schedule he only got to come for a couple of days,
and it went by quickly... time flies when you are having fun they say.
(whoever "they" is) :0)  It really was the best, you know it's the best
when you laugh so hard that you have tears in your eyes...
which of course makes everyone laugh even more! ha..

My daughter and I will be hanging out around the house today,
waiting for her iphone to arrive... her ipod disappeared from her
gym locker.. during gym class.. at school a couple of weeks ago.
It hasn't been seen since. :( 
We didn't have it set up to track it and all that.. (lesson learned)
Since her older cell phone has been ready to be upgraded for quite a while now,
we went ahead and upgraded it to an iphone.  She is looking forward to it,
she has missed all her apps: games/music that were on her ipod.
I bet you can guess what we will be doing as soon as it arrives..? :0)

The weather has been nice this week, and that is a plus as well.

So that is a little glimpse into how our Spring break is going so far..
it has been awesome, and we are just now at the halfway mark.

Have a great day!

I will have a new post up tomorrow...
(hint: chalkboard paint)

Organization created in our teen daughters bathroom...

I have been wanting to work on our daughters bathroom for a while...
which doubles as the guest bathroom.

I am thinking about adding wainscoting, maybe a new paint color... and so on..
As of right now however, I am still in decision making mode on it.

So for now I decided to get a jump start on it and try to add some
extra organization to it.
It wasn't bad by any means, but seemed to me there was at least some
room for improvement.

So I decided to tackle the cabinet, and drawers...

For the cabinet, I purchased an inexpensive shelf to add to the back of the door...

Thankfully, when it arrived the screws were short enough that I knew it wouldn't go through
the door... Yay!

It added some great extra space for several items... and then I placed the "extra's" in a
basket at the back of the cabinet.

On to the drawer...
I emptied it out...

Put in a piece of my new gift wrap that I had bought recently to use as a liner.

I glued a magnet strip to the side of the drawer for bobby pins/nail clippers.
(I do think I will have to do this in my bathroom now)

I used a simple and inexpensive plastic utensil tray for organization...

along with a colorful plastic bin, and then replaced the items...

The bottom drawer is lined with another  colored paper, and holds hair tools, etc.
The top drawer holds smaller items.
She has a makeup vanity in her room, so her makeup for the most part is located in there.

Overall it was a success I'd say... and now back to deciding what else to do in this space.
However, I am also wondering where else in our house that I could put another one
of those shelves... what a difference. Hmm...

Have a great Monday.

Friday Favorites..(3/14/2014)


I have had quite a week. How about you?

We have had some big weather ups and downs, I was able to spend one afternoon
working in the yard, shoveling up the old mulch and hauling it off...
I got quite a bit done, but still have some more to go.  I enjoy yard work for the most part,
shoveling mulch isn't necessarily on that list however. Ha.

I saw some beautiful pansies displayed in a store yesterday...
it's beginning to look like Spring!

My Friday Favorites today are gonna go something like this...

1).  Had a dentist appt. that went amazingly well...
      I have had a bridge for several years that had cracked.. Well, it just so happened that the
      material used was discontinued due to that very reason... and they are replacing
      it for me. (no charge) I was in awe and so Thankful.
      Thank you Jesus!  What a blessing...

2).  This Decorated Mason Jar for holding our chess pieces... a cute addition
      to my sideboard.

3).  We made Jalapeno Rat Tails this week... yum!

4).  Spring Cleaning?  free printable's  HERE.

5).  SPRING BREAK is next week... and while it isn't officially until next week,
      it made the list anyway... because I am soooo looking forward to it.
      Our son will be coming for a visit. Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist... and free printable(s)

Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet?

I think I actually spring clean year round. :0)
However, I decided to make a list as a reference to work on...
because who doesn't like checking off "To-Do" items! Ha..

So what does my list look like????
Something like this:

Most of the items are fairly general.. such as "clean carpets/floor"
I did that in hopes that it would work for everyone no matter what type of flooring you have.
I also left some blank spaces for each category so other items could be added.

You can get the free pdf printable here:

Do you prefer to have the lines all blank so you can fill them in to be more specific...?

You can get that style also:

Dressing up a Mason Jar for Chess Pieces...

I have my home made chess/checkerboard on display currently in the kitchen.
Mostly because I just really like it, but we also like to play chess from time to time
with this board... so I decided to place the glass chess pieces near the board in
a large mason jar. (instead of in the box elsewhere)

However it was kind of plain, so I decided to change that.

I used a simple chess piece image that I printed out, and some modge podge.

After it dried I added a gold bow to the top, and wiped off  the excess modge podge from
around the image with a damp rag. (because it looked a little cloudy)

And that was it...

Now the chess pieces are on display and right where they need to be... :0)

What i found over the weekend... (thrifty finds)

We had a great weekend...
We decided to take a last minute trip to go see our son.
We hadn't seen him for around 2 months... and this momma
was thinking that was waaaaay too long. :0)

I knew it was only going to be a short visit, because the Mister only had Saturday off,
and our son works on Saturdays... but any time spent with my family all together is
time well spent in my opinion.

We arrived late Friday evening, and had a really good visit.
Then Saturday morning he went to work.    
We went to a few stores for fun while we were there, got some lunch,
and headed home.  
It was hard leaving not getting to see him for very long, but I was just thankful to get
to see him.  I have learned to treasure those moments more and more. :0)

While we were out and about,  here is what I found to bring home...

We stopped in one of the goodwill stores and this is what I picked up.
It was $2.99 - they actually had a few to choose from, but  I finally decided
on this one with the help of my daughter.    I am thinking about giving the base a
makeover... time will tell. :0)

At Bed, Bath, & Beyond I found this lazy susan for less than $5.00
on a clearance rack (score!),  it has a little scratch on it...
so this will make a good DIY project if I decide to change it up.

The adorable egg tray was less than $2.00.   Although, I kind of wish I would
have bought two of them.
I initially wanted this one for jewelry or odds/ends,  but later thought it
would be neat to have one in the fridge to keep the hard boiled eggs in.  
Hmm, I may just use this one for eggs... decisions, decisions. :0)

I also bought a new rolling pin there...   mine wore out and the handle had broke a
while back so was needing this.  Have you ever tried to roll out dough using
something other than a rolling pin?   I have and it isn't easy. ha...
I wanted this larger 'no handle' style... and it was $9.99, which I thought
was a really good price...  The last store I checked was around $20.

These 2 items I got at Target...  a fun pink/white print gift wrap, and a small decorated box. 
They were in the $1 section.   I like using gift wrap for decorating boxes/shelf liner etc..
and the little box I thought would work nicely in my craft room for storage, but might use
it for an Easter centerpiece perhaps.

We also made stops at World Market, Michaels for some new scrapbooking cardstock,
and Home depot for a couple things.

It was great getting out.. especially getting to see our son, and a big
plus that the weather was really nice while we were there.
It was quite a switch by the time we got home and it had snowed some. 

So I am curious... do you have a similar rolling pin, and if so.. do you like it?
Ever tried to roll out dough with something besides a rolling pin? ha..
Have a great Monday!

Friday Favorites... (3/7/2014)

It has been a great week for so many reasons...

The weather started out the week with a winter storm, (imagine that.. ha) :0)
so Monday my daughter had a snow day and got to stay home.   Yay.
Well, the snow has pretty much melted off now, and we are suppose to get to 60 degree's...
and I do believe that I am ready for spring time. Yes... yes, I am. :0)

Did I mention we are suppose to get to 60 degree's!?!

Well, that brings me to my friday favorites:

--60 degree's... and a big Yay! to that. :0)

--I used my silhouette for the first time...
   I made a matching ball cap and t-shirt set using a horse design... (too cute!)
   I also put a roping cowboy design on the pocket of a tee for
   the Mister for fun... I was on a roll! ha...
   I am really impressed with the silhouette so far and how easy it is to use.

--My Craft Room is finally complete and I am definitely enjoying the space.

--The soap dispenser turned vase brightens up the kitchen, and reminds me it is
   almost spring. Soon it will be time for the real flowers to show up, and time
   to get to work in the garden.

--The big oops - the black curtains...
   I am so glad they turned out even better than I had hoped they would.

Well, we don't really have any big plans for the weekend, we will be
hanging out around the house and enjoying the warmer temps... (and making sure
we change the time on all the clocks for 'spring forward'.) :0)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend... 

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Friday Favorites

An inexpensive curtain fix..

I recently purchased a set of new curtain panels for our master bedroom...
in black.

Black Curtains???  Yep.. Black curtains. :o)

I went with black because our room is currently painted a light gray with white trim.
The bedding is white/black damask print, and then I have pops of color here and
there in the accessories and some of the furniture pieces.

But even besides that, it is almost always very bright in this room because
of the large windows.  I wanted to tone it down just a little, but  definitely didn't
want the actual 'black-out' style...  (been there,done that.. didn't care for them)
and the black color matches my valance that I had previously made for the room.
So it was an easy choice for me to make.

Well, I was looking forward to seeing them up... however, this was one of those "should've
 measured first moments" and they were WAY too short..

Uh.. yeah - waaaaaay too short!

Then I had to ask myself, do I want to take them back? Which was certainly a thought, but
I had leftover fabric from my valance, so to the sewing machine it is!

I simply added a little length to the bottom of each panel... and I must say, I am kind of
glad they were too short, because I like them even better now!

One of those happy accidents ya might say... :0)

Adding a touch of spring..

Are you ready for Spring?
I am...

It always amazes me though, how we can get use to temperatures...
It seems like we adjust to them somehow, because when it has been crazy cold out
and then the next day the sun is shining bright and the temperature is over 32 degree's
it "almost" feels warm, and then when the temperature gets close to 40 degree's you don't
seem to need a coat...  and people are starting to break out the shorts...  ha..

However, if it had been 60 degree's for a few days and then dropped to 40 degree's
we would think it was freezing.  Funny how that works...

Well, we are going to be above freezing today... and
I decided to add a touch of Spring to the kitchen with some flowers...

Can you tell what I used for a Vase?
I was wanting something with a little height to it, and looking around found
this soap dispenser that wasn't being used...

It was perfect..
I simply took the soap pump off the top and inserted my flowers.

I tied a piece of burlap ribbon at the top, and then to add a little color I tied a tiny piece
of light blue ribbon in a bow and let the ends just cascade down.

That was it..

So how about you, are you ready for Spring?

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