Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

My Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

We have a decorative rustic fence near the road by our house that I usually
decorate up for the holidays.. for the fall I had a pumpkin and scarecrow
and fall floral/country wreath.
Well, I decided to make a Christmas tree to put there this year.
One with lights was my goal.

So I started with a scrap piece of wood that I dug out of the garage and just
drew a whimsical tree shape.. nothing fancy.
I cut it out with my jigsaw, gave it a light sanding, and then a couple coats of
spray paint.
Green of course. :0)

I brought the 'tree' indoors and decided to use battery powered with a timer
lights..  In debating how to put them on, I decided to use burlap ribbon.

So i cut a little opening every so often to insert a light.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope that you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!
We have so much to be thankful for.

Guest / Craft Combo room and my new chair

If you saw my recent post I just redid a kitchen table and turned it into my new
craft space desk..  You can see that full post Here.

Well, of course I decided I needed a chair.. makes sense right? :0)

And recently we stopped in a goodwill and I actually spotted a bar stool that I
planned to buy and cut down and use that, but then around the corner..
there it was.. and at a better price!

Actually there "they" were..
There was a pair of solid wood Ethan Allen chairs.. both were
in need of some help but one was definitely better than the other,
and I picked the better one out looked it over, and it came home with us.

It had a lot of scratches and the bottom portion of the chair
let me know they must've had a puppy..

A puppy with lots of teeth and that liked to chew on this chair. :0)

However the puppy must've favored the other chair even more, that is why
that chair stayed in the store and I didn't bring it along as well. Ha.

So sanding was definitely required..
a lot of sanding..
a whole lot of sanding..

Did I mention sanding!

Then finally after all that sanding, and sanding, came the paint..
Yep, the pretty shade of blue..
I decided that it might as well match the desk.

and the dresser..

Isn't it pretty?

and here is my Craft / Guest Combo room..
all decorated up for Christmas.


Can you guess what my headboard is?
It is actually the table leaves from our kitchen table.. Yes, it has 3 leaf inserts 
and the table get's massive,
but we have never used them because our table is big enough as it is. 
Well,  I was debating on where to put the table leaves to get them out of my laundry room 
and thought of this..  and it actually looked good! Ha.. 
One of those win/win things. :0)

You may be wondering where all my craft supplies went if you remember
my Craft Room reveal.. 
Well, notice that I didn't show off the closet - that is another story, 
for another time. :0)

Thanks for stopping by!

DIY Kitchen Table to my new Desk

I have been looking for a new desk for my craft/guest combo room..
and just couldn't find one that was affordable and made from real wood.

I use to actually use a small kitchen table in this room before I decided
to turn it into a combo room.. and I decided I didn't have much to lose by
cutting it down to see if I could make it work in this space again..
after all it was just sitting in the garage taking up space there.

So I went for it.

Here is a quick recap on how she looked before..

Christmas Wreath 2015

If you remember I used a vintage wood frame with ornaments last year..
If you'd like to see that post go Here.

Which was just a simple, no cost, and unique project.

However, I am using that frame elsewhere in the house and I decided I would like
to be able to light it up this year so I decided to go a little more traditional.

So I purchased a plain green wreath, a set of battery powered lights with a timer, and got
out my Christmas theme florals/ribbons and decided to see what I came up with.

First I fluffed the wreath up some, and made sure my lights worked. :0)
Then I strung the lights and attached the battery box to the back of the wreath.
(using craft wire)

So far, so good.

Then I just started tucking things in.. some glittery picks, poinsettia's, and some
sticks to add a little rustic charm.. :0) then I added a simple burlap bow.


Scrap Trim to a Christmas Tree

Christmas decor is up..
 and Oh, so pretty.  I absolutely love this time of year. :o)

Well, I decided to share this simple DIY project I did in a very short amount
of time.
I used a piece of faux wood looking baseboard trim and using my compound miter saw simply
angled the ends..
and as I cut them I placed them in a 'tree' shape.. no measuring, just eyeballing
it cutting each one smaller as I went.
I wasn't looking for a perfect 'tree' after all.

I also cut the backing piece to use to attach my "branches"..

Here it is all placed together:

Then I simply attached it together using screws.
Then placed it in a container and added some florals.

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Flaunt it Friday

Utensil Art for the kitchen

I decided to make some new artwork for my brand new pantry..
(See the details of my Pantry Here)

So I gathered a few supplies..

  • a previously used corkboard
  • decorative papers
  • modge podge
  • paintbrush
  • spray paint
  • and silverware

I started by cutting my decorative papers.. and using my paintbrush and modge podge
put a light coat on the cork board and attached the papers.

Going Red

So if you have read my Pantry Posts .. you already know that I chose to
paint my living room and kitchen a lighter shade.

Well, I also decided to change my beloved orange wall..
I do love that color.. (cinnamon stick)

(to see a tour of my kitchen before the pantry go Here )

My Pantry

I am excited to share my completed pantry with you today.

If you missed the previous posts about my pantry project you can see
the decision to make one Here,
and several photo's of my progress as I built it Here.

Drum roll please...

Here is the outside of my new pantry..

Pantry Project - part 2 - The shelves

So after getting the outside of my pantry completed,
I worked on the inside..

(See Part 1 on my pantry progress:Here)

After the sheet rock, paint and so on was done,
it was time to work on my shelves.

I first started by deciding where to place my shelves.
I took into consideration how much space our small deep freeze would need
for the door to open, and then also how far apart I wanted the shelves to be
for the items I would be placing on them.

After those decisions were made,
I drew a pencil line level around the interior where I wanted
to place my shelves.
Then I cut some 1" x 2"'s to use as cleats, and using my pencil line as a guide
placed them inside.    

Pantry Project in progress - part 1

Pantry Project begins..

(If you missed the post on my decision process for my pantry 
placement you can see it by going Here 
and if you'd like to see photo's of my kitchen and the reason behind
my pantry project go Here .)

So it started.. the decision was made and I got to work..

I started by removing the baseboard and crown molding, and then I
got to work.. and those boards that I have been looking at for a couple of weeks?
Well, they finally got screwed to the floor.

Pantry Project - the decision where to put it

So in my last post I shared 2 options of where I was debating to put a pantry.


I actually took a long time to decide this..

The Beginning of My Pantry Project

So I have been wanting a pantry for a while now..
We do not have a ton of cabinet space for storage,
in fact only 2 of the cabinets below are actually used for food items..
the rest is pots/pans, bakeware, dishes, and gadgets. (toaster/blender etc.)

Which led us to searching and finding these furniture pieces..
A beauty of a china hutch, a side board, and of course the matching table/chairs.
They were sold as a set and we just love them.

Garage Sale Redo

As previously mentioned, I picked up a large picture over the weekend
at a garage sale for a whopping dollar bill.

I was drawn to it because of the size, and the unique wood frame..
and decided it would make a perfect chalkboard for the guest/craft room to go
with the ”new to us” antique dresser that I just redid.

Antique Dresser Goes Blue

Over the weekend we brought home this beauty that was given
to us.. and I started working on it Monday!

It had some wear/tear, but I had the perfect spot for it and I wanted to give it
a new look for the craft/guest room.
So I removed the hardware and gave it a good sanding..

and I decided on a pretty shade of navy blue.

As for the hardware it got a couple coats of black spray paint....
Drumroll please......

Ah, So pretty..

(Color used: Kilz Arctic Night)

Weekend Thrifty finds

We spent a few days taking a trip to visit family members and just
get away for a bit..
We had a great time visiting, hanging out, and relaxing.
It went by way too quickly!

While we were there, we ventured out to a couple stores we hadn't been to before,
and went to a couple of our favorites as well.
We also stopped by a garage sale that we came across while out and about.

So today, I decided to share my recent thrifty finds with you..

First up, is my favorite purchase..

This mercury glass candle stick.

Since I am in fall decorating mode.. I placed a glass pumpkin on top of it.
I purchased this candlestick at Goodwill for less than $2.00.  (high five!)

The next 2 items we picked up at the garage sale..
(think craft project)

This large wood framed print caught my attention.. mostly because I really liked
the frame and the size of it.. Yep, I immediately had a project in mind,
and for $1.00 I decided to go for it.

I also decided to get these 2 wood framed mirrors that were
priced at .50 cents each.

Not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet, still deciding. :0)

Lastly, I have been looking for a nice wood dresser for a while now,
and actually ended up bringing home this antique beauty that was given
to us.

I spent Monday working on it, and wait til ya see how it
looks now! I will be sharing more on that later in the week.

So have you found any neat thrifty finds lately?

Fall Pallet Scarecrow and scrap wood pumpkin

Fall Decor already?

Well, the stores are saying it is time for it anyway.. :0)

I am still enjoying the summer but of course love a good fall decor project,
and since we have acquired some pallets I decided to make myself a pallet scarecrow
and a pumpkin to dress up the yard for fall.
You have probably seen several different versions of these, and aren't they so
adorable.? so of course just had to make one!  
(or three - giving 2 away)

There's not much to them in my opinion..
 take a pallet apart and attach however many boards that you want together
depending on the size you want. (I used 3)
We just attached ours with the hat brim board, because that was secure enough
for me, but you could certainly add some support boards to the back if you wanted.

Then add some paint,
glue on some fall flowers, (I used e-6000)
and there ya go.