Favorites from 2018

I thought as 2018 is coming quickly to an end I would put together just a few of my
favorite products (beauty/fashion edition) from the year..
some that continue to be loved favorites of mine and a few new ones mixed in.

These are all items that I personally use,
and plan to purchase more of in the future. 😉

For the feet.. 

I am a fan of plaids, buffalo plaid to tartan, and I am also a fan of cute shoes
so these made it home with me and they are so stinkin cute.  ♡

The next item is more of a splurge item in my opinion.
To be honest I debated on this purchase a while.
I had a decent amount of "$ off" that I could use and I do like the boots that I have
by this brand so eventually I talked myself into it.   Anyone else do that? 😜
If you like warm, super cozy, slipper style socks..
with some cute factor then these are AHHH-mazing and
yes, I would buy them again.
(*I may wait til I have some more $ off saved up.. 
but I would definitely buy them again) Lol.

For the Face..

I have long been a fan of the Anastasia brow wiz pencil and if you follow my blog
you know I have mentioned it.. several times over as a matter of fact. Lol.
However after purchasing this brow kit, the pencil is now a super close 2nd.
I really like this kit and so glad I decided to try it.

I like several concealers so I can't really say that I have a #1 favorite, but in sticking with
talking about brows.. to highlight my brow bone I like the IT bye bye illumination concealer.
However for the other area's of my face I almost always use Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer or Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.
All 3 are awesome, I just like to use them in different ways.

My favorite setting powder continues to be this one
by Makeup Forever and well, it just works the way I want it to so it is a keeper.

Eyelash Primer has become a great addition to my makeup routine this year
and I like this one.  Inexpensive and gets the job done. Win, win.

I received this moisturizing lip balm in a gift set and I will be looking to buy one as soon as mine
runs out.

I decided to try this moisturizer (aka face butter) a few months ago
and I have been using it since, really liking it so far.

Of course this cleanser and this exfoliating wash by philosophy pretty much always makes my fave list..
definitely my go to's.

I have so many favorite things from the year..
honestly this list could have went on and on.

2018 was a great year, but I am looking forward to an even better 2019!

( Seriously, I am sooooo ready for spring to arrive, I have been in spring cleaning mode
already..  but I am looking forward to the flowers and all the outdoor projects I want to
tackle! Bring it on!)

- TinaH

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Wrap it up Mission & Giving Grace

We have had quite a busy past few weeks in case you have noticed a lag in posts being published,
and the word busy feels like such an understatement and no where near adequate enough
to describe it.

A lot of unexpected's..
Trips to hospitals, trip to our vet,  lack of sleep,
and a whole lot of prayers going out.
There have been a lot of ups and downs, some big and some small..
but God is faithful, God is sooo good!

I usually feel better prepared for Christmas.
I almost always start my shopping extremely early and have always thought I
was somewhat on top of it so to speak.    
However, sometimes life has a way of mixing things up and being on top of things is not the
story of this Christmas season.

So I have been on a 'wrap it up' mission this week to get the shopping done.
Making sure I have all the gifts figured out,  gifts wrapped, menu and
get the grocery shopping done!
Today I plan to work on the desserts and get as much done as possible
ahead of time. (fingers crossed). 

I think I am finally finished with shopping for everything as I check over my list,
and then check it again... and I'll just say it - check it again. 😉

Although it feels like Christmas time has sort of snuck up on us this year.. I absolutely love this
time of year.  The decorations, the lights, the food, the joy of the season,
and being with my family.  Nothing better than that. 

We put up a lot of lights this year, including decorating my rustic fence.

DIY a Simple Farmhouse Style Christmas Ornament

So do you remember my cutesy red trucks hauling Christmas tree's mini ornaments that I used in making these fun ornaments? ♡

Well I had some leftover so I decided to use them in another ornament diy.

Isn't this cute?

I had some plastic clear ornaments that are actually in half, and you simply decorate and
snap them together..  so I decided to try to place the mini truck ornament inside.

So I used a drop of e6000 on each end of the truck ornament and set it inside half of the larger
clear ornament making sure it was facing the right way of course. 😉
Then I just left it alone to dry.

Then I placed the front and back of the clear ornament together, tied a small piece of twine through
the hole for a hanger, and I went ahead and added a white bow just because I thought it was cute.

What a fun addition to our farmhouse style themed Tree.
I do love that little red truck. :0)

These clear ornaments are so fun to create your own ornament designs!
Can do so much with them.. place keepsakes inside, notes, photo's, small trinkets,  just so fun
to have on hand.  (great to use for a fun kids ornament project too)

If interested in picking some up I used this size, & you can find them here!

- TinaH

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Stocking Stuffers for the Furbabies

While we like to stuff the stockings for Christmas for our family,
we also have a Stocking for our fur babies to enjoy so I decided to share
a few idea's for the fur family members.

If you don't already have a stocking, I ran across these paw shaped stockings.
So cute.

Go To Stocking Stuffers for the young adults

We have a tradition in our home of opening up our stockings on Christmas Eve.
It also usually involves silly string and a hilarious silly string fight.
It is something my husband and I started with our kids when they were
little and we have done that pretty much forever.

Searching for some fun stocking stuffer style gifts I thought I would share my
Go To Stocking Stuffer Fave's and include a few Inexpensive Gifts that would
also work in a stocking.   Our kids are now in their early 20's so this is
geared more towards young adults, and the young at heart adults. 😜

DIY Christmas Stocking Name Tags - Chalkboard style

I recently purchased these adorable mini chalkboards to use as Christmas ornaments, and
for my farmhouse theme Christmas Tree and I absolutely love them!

(you can see that blog post here if you'd like to see how I decorated them)

DIY Farmhouse Style Chalkboard Ornaments

Continuing to work on my Christmas tree I thought a mini chalkboard could make a fun
farmhouse Christmas ornament so I searched online and found these.

They are so stinking cute and exactly what I wanted.
(and easy on the budget as well, even better!)

I started by simply writing on some of the chalkboards with some white chalk,
and then I gathered up some different odds and ends that
I thought I might use to decorate the chalkboards with.

I decided to use some jute twine, some mini Christmas bows, and some faux greenery and berries.

I took apart the greenery and berries, as well as made some small jute bows and simply hot glued them to my mini chalkboards.

They turned out so cute!

I have a lot more idea's for these mini chalkboards now.. so fun!
Have a great week & a Happy Thanksgiving!

- TinaH

Item Details:
Mini Chalkboards are available here. (package of 12)
Jute Twine available here.

Blog Post for the Buffalo Plaid Christmas Truck ornaments Here.

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DIY a Poofy Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper

I have been working on my Christmas decor and I thought I would share
how to diy a poofy ribbon Christmas Tree topper.. or at least how I do it. 

DIY Red vintage Truck & Buffalo Plaid Ornaments

If you follow me on Instagram you know we got our first snow of the year.
I can definitely say I am not quite ready for winter.
However, I am working on my Christmas Tree and want to do a farmhouse theme this year,
so I chose to make some fun ornaments for my tree and this is one of
the cute ornaments that I came up with.

I ran across these mini ornaments of vintage red trucks hauling Christmas tree's
and thought they were perfect!  So I picked up several sets.
I imagine these will sell out quickly!

I wanted to give them more of a presence on my Tree so I got out a bag of
wood shapes, and since I am using a lot of black and white buffalo plaid I also
got some printed scrapbook paper to use.

Shopping online for Christmas? Black Friday Deals? See how you can earn Gift Cards

I do a lot of shopping online for the holidays..  in fact the majority of my shopping
is probably done online.

Inexpensive Christmas Tree Skirt - Buffalo Plaid

I am in Christmas decorating mode around here and I have decided
go a little farmhouse buffalo plaid theme with my
pretty flocked tree this year.

So naturally I wanted a tree skirt to coordinate with the buffalo plaid
print, and in shopping online for one they just seemed quite pricey
in my opinion.

Why I chose Keto and 1.5 months later

I have always liked healthier foods but admit that I had quite a sugar tooth as well.
I had already given up a lot of sugar items, in fact my serious about soda habit I gave up a
long time ago, but there are so many other things that would somehow come
home with me from the store that I just didn't need to be buying.

Current Makeup Faves Routine Before and After

I enjoy seeing what other ladies like in their beauty arsenal and what
their current favorite beauty products are so I thought I would share my
current faves of choice, a little bit about my routine, and go ahead and
toss in a before makeup and after makeup pic as well as 'outfit of the day'.

So Just a FYI, this post is a long one and has a lot of photo's.

My morning routine starts with coffee. (Keto style)
and more coffee.

Then I put on a stretchy headband to get my hair out of the way,
and wash my face with this cleanser by philosophy, and then I am
ready to get the day started.

I am 42 years young 😉 ya'll,
and my routine has certainly changed over the years.

Simple Fall Decor Around the House 2018

I thought I would share some of our fall decor from around the house
with you today.

I went pretty simple this year.
Adding some inexpensive single fall leaves that I picked up,
and for the most part I just used what I already had collected over the years.

I think one of my favorite decor pieces that I have purchased is this red truck..
I have had it for a little over a year and I really enjoy changing up the decor for the seasons with it.
It is especially adorable in the Fall with pine cones and pumpkins but for the upcoming Christmas holiday it will be filled with lighted bottle brush tree's and I will change up the surroundings.. so exited. :0)

Black White Buffalo Check Plaid

Ya'll know I love me some black and white buffalo plaid print these days. 😉

I recently picked up my buffalo check welcome rug, and then I found
these inexpensive Black and White buffalo check throws here and I thought they would
be perfect for fall and winter.
They look cozy and inviting to me.

I used one on my deck with my fall decor when the weather was nice.

Because of the price I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was pleased
with them.  They are not extremely heavy, but are a nice weight and look to be
made well.

I added them to the living room, along with a couple coordinating throw pillows.

Garden Tour

I thought I would share some fun photo's from around my yard today,
how about somewhat of a 2018 Garden Tour.

I was going to get more photo's but it has been raining a lot, so I may end up making
this part 1 and have a part 2 later or update this post with more pictures soon.

Here is a view of my back deck.

It is decorated for the fall season with lots of fun color.

Fall Style Picks

I thought it was time to share some fun Fall Style Picks today.

I have always been a camo print fan and since it is on trend there are so many fun
pieces to choose from, and I am pretty happy about that. :0)

I am loving olive green, and shades of burgundy, and I think the leopard shoes are so
stinkin adorable.

Faux leather leggings are on trend, and could be dressed up or down.

Cardigans and Jackets are a must in my book and a
good tee is always a good staple for year round wear!
           (the one below is on sale for $6)

(*post contains affiliate links ~ which means I may earn 
a small commission if you purchase anything using those links at no extra cost to you)

If you hover over the pic below it will show more info on that item.

What are your favorite pieces for Fall?

- TinaH

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My Fall Deck Tour

I have been working on adding in Fall touches and I thought I would share our deck

It is 'decked' out for fall this year 😉 and I am loving how it is turning out.

I knew I wanted to add in black and white buffalo plaid, so I brought one of my
throws outside to drape over our metal bench.

My Rustic Wood Decorative Fence

If you follow my blog you have probably seen me talk about my rustic fencing that my
husband and I made this year.
I thought I would share a few photo's of how it is looking today
and just a little bit more about this rustic wood fence of ours.

I have done a lot of yard projects this year and one project I wanted to do
was put up a rustic fence.

After deciding to tackle this project, we started by figuring out a general idea
of how many posts that we would need.
Then we started the task of cutting and gathering the fence posts.
A lot of posts.

We chose to use hedge in hopes it will last some time,
and we also had access to it.
(due to some tree's in our pasture that had fell during a past storm etc., as well 
a neighbor having an area of a pasture cleared)

After a couple days or so, and a few sore muscles,
We were finished and here it is in all it's rustic beauty.

3 new beauty fave's inexpensive blender sponge and olive nailpolish

I thought I would share 3 beauty items that I have just recently tried out and I
have added to my current faves list..

First up is I was searching for a camo green or a olive green nail polish and I just couldn't find one locally, so I searched online and this is the one that I purchased. ♡

It is exactly the shade of green I was searching for, which isn't always the case when
I purchase something online.
I have had a few surprises with lip product colors in the past, lol. So I am a little more picky
at what beauty products I purchase online.
This one however was a win all the way, Love it.  (especially for fall!)

5 tips for an Organized Makeup Vanity

My top 5 tips for organizing a Makeup Vanity.

Learned by trial and error. Lol.

#1 - Keep Like Items Together

It is so frustrating to me to be looking for something,
 in a  mess pile of a lot of somethings.
does that make sense? :0)

Who has the time or patience for that? Lol.

I use to have a drawer in the bathroom vanity that I kept everything in, and while
I tried to keep it organized, there were always those hurry up moments
 and things ended up all willy nilly, so to speak.

Which brings me to tip number 2.

My Vintage Vanity Gets a Makeover

I have been wanting to change up my makeup vanity for a while and with the weather we
were having last week it was the perfect time to get this project done.

Here is a reminder photo of my makeup vanity and how it looked after
I made a lighted mirror to go with it and painted it a bright pop of color.

While I do love the peacock blue color, I was ready for a change. 

So I cleaned everything off of it, wiped it down and started painting.

I chose to use this paint that I had left from painting my kitchen cabinets recently.
I am happy with how my kitchen cabinets turned out, and since I had
the paint on hand.. it was a definite win-win for a rainy,
feeling a little stuck in the house kind of week.

DIY Mini Must Have Kit for your handbag

If you have been by the travel size section in your store,
 you have probably come across small cases of cotton swabs.

These little plastic cases have so many uses, and I chose to use
one for a mini must have kit to toss in my handbag.

This is a simple project that took very little time to do and is rather inexpensive,
so it is a win-win. Gotta love those kind of projects. 

To make my mini kit I removed the cotton swabs and put them elsewhere, and
removed the product label sticker.
Then I decided to make a new decorative label to step it up a notch. 

The Camo Trend

Anyone else really like the Camo Trend?
I think it is a style that is pretty much here to stay, but to be honest
I would be wearing it whether it was considered a 'trend' or not.

From high end designers to much less expensive options.. it is all over.
I was searching through Amazon, and I thought I would go ahead
and put together some fun finds today.. camo style.

If you follow me, ya'll know I love a good ball cap!
Not only because they are cute, but if I am in a not wantin to fix
the hair today kind of mood.. I reach for a hat! 😉


My camo one gets quite a bit of wear.. and I think I actually have 4 or 5 in a camo
print alone.
Maybe I should do a post about ball caps and share the rediculous amount that I have.
my collection.  😉 

Simple Low Carb Pizza / Keto friendly

I have been choosing to eat low carb lately and if you like pizza.. well,
traditional fast food pizza doesn't fit too well in a low carb/keto friendly way of eating.

I had found this reduced carb pita bread option, and I had a low carb marinara on hand so decided
why not.. looks like a personal size of a pizza to me and I decided to give it a try.

Basically I put down some parchment paper on a cookie sheet, 2 pieces of pita bread,
spooned on some marinara, and topped it with whatever toppings I wanted.
I used some cooked ground beef and cheese.

Then I baked it in the oven at 350 degree's until the cheese was melted and heated through,
roughly 10-15 minutes give or take.

It was actually good!
I have tried it with different toppings as well and so far have liked them all.

Now of course it doesn't taste like fast food pizza, but my husband and I
like them so it is a winner in my book.

They are fairly low carb depending on the toppings of course.

I added a picture of the labels so you could check them out,
such as: 1 pita has 9 carbs (or 5 net carbs if you are counting net carbs.)
the sauce has 4 for 1/2 cup of marinara so you can certainly use less sauce to stay within your
carb goals if you are counting carbs by chance.

I thought it was a pretty good substitute when craving pizza.

Plus the fact that it took less than 5 minutes to throw together isn't too bad either. 😉

I found these items in my local grocery store,
and the marinara was cheaper in my store, but I saw that it is also available online
Here or Here, and the Pita Bread which I am also a fan of can be found Here.


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.Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission on
items that are purchased through those links.
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