Thinking ahead DIY Fourth of July Galvanized Bucket Planters

Thinking ahead to the Fourth of July holiday I thought it would be fun to go ahead and
put some red, white, and blue flower planters together to place by my new fence.

For my planters, I ran across these galvanized buckets at a feed store,
and thought they would be perfect.
Then I found the flowers that I wanted to use in them.. it was a little harder
to find red, white, and a blue then I thought it would be but thankfully
we finally found them!

Just like my galvanized tub turned planter,
it was time to get out my drill and give these buckets a drainage hole.

putting a hole in these brand spanking new buckets? 
husband gasps Lol.
just kidding he knew what I wanted them for :0)

Drainage hole complete.

Then I got all my supplies gathered up to get these beauties planted

I placed my potting soil / fertilizer mix in and was ready to plant, yay!

Removed the bucket labels, and

Can you picture them when the flowers are much fuller?

I placed 3 of them along my rustic fence under my wire hanging planters that
I previously made. 
I also added a red and deep purple petunia to the hanging baskets to add
even more pop to them and tie them together with my bucket planters
a little more.

My hanging baskets do have to be watered often so I may eventually move them to
the deck to keep a closer eye on them and make watering a little easier.

Which is totally fine with me because I actually have another hanging basket idea
I want to do for the fence and I have been keeping an eye out for the perfect ones.
I would love to use some on the entire fence line eventually (garden goals) :0)

I am looking forward to the flowers growing and filling up the "planters,"
they will be a stand out for sure.

In fact I have liked these so much that I purchased more buckets/flowers and
placed some up by the house as well.

Products used: galvanized 10 qt buckets.
  red geraniums, white petunias, a blue colored alyssum lobularia,
organic potting mix, and plant starter.



  Can you tell I am really liking the galvanized items for planters this year! 
They are fairly inexpensive, (was less expensive at our local feed store) they are sturdy,
and just an eye catcher to me. 

What are some of your favorite things to plant?
                                                                                                                  - TinaH

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Galvanized Tub Turned Planter

In full on gardening mode, I have been looking at planters and have found some beautiful ones.
I have several on my wish list.

However, if you have priced planters.. some of them are c r a z y expensive and just not in my
budget right now. (I'd rather buy more plants) :o)

Do you see the Pretty Purple Flowers below? Gorgeous!
I have several of those and love how they perform so when I saw a came across
a pink one at a local store, of course a couple of those came home with me too.
However, I needed a new planter for them.

I found a few I was debating on, and then I ran across a entire section of galvanized tray's,
tubs/ice buckets, utensil holders,  and this oval tub/ice bucket caught my eye:


All I needed to do was get out my drill and add a drainage hole.

(I bought my drill in a drill combo kit - can be found here)

Drainage Hole Complete!

Then I took the planter to my planting station and sat it in my cart, and
added my potting mix.

I placed my plants to get a visual..

So pretty!
Then planted them up and chose to add in a creeping jenny plant as well.

This beautiful "planter" found a spot on my back deck where I can enjoy it all the time!

The brassy tone handles are such a fun touch.

Aren't these some of the prettiest flowers?
These particular flowers are: Supertunia Pink Star Charm by proven winners.

Supertunia's are definitely some of my favorites!

Here are a few other tubs that look like they would be cute planted up as well:



I think it is so fun to think outside the box in using items for planters..
I have a succulent in a coffee cup with saucer behind it that I think is just adorable,
an old chicken feeder, and so on..
what kind of unique planters have you used?                                                                                     

                                                                                                                             - TinaH

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Raised Garden Planters

I decided to try something different for my garden this year.
It is going to be a 'testing it out project' for me.

In the past I have had a decent size garden area and
planted several things, usually around 16-20 tomato plants, and so on.
I certainly cannot say that I am fond of all the maintenance it required.
 (crabgrass anyone?)  

So I decided to look into raised beds or planters this year, hoping for less pulling crabgrass maintenance.

I considered building them, and have looked at different idea's in regards to that,
but I have several other projects going on and happened across these planters and
after reading reviews at different website's and searching for the food safety info on them,
I decided to go ahead and try these self watering planters out this year.

( I would recommend anyone looking for a raised planter, or interested in 
these, or something similar that would be used for gardening to definitely
research the food safety aspect of it)

I went ahead and purchased 2 of them so I can get an idea of how I like the raised garden bed idea,
and I chose the blue color.
(they come in several colors)

They are not huge, but I actually like the size for our deck, plus it will give me an idea on sizing
for building permanent raised beds in the future.

I chose to use Organic Raised Bed Garden Soil and have planted one with zucchini
and the other with Tomato Plants. (3 varieties)

I have not actually used a self watering container until purchasing these so I wasn't sure what
to expect.
They have a black tube that sticks up from the bottom of the planter, and that is where I fill it with water. Once the bottom water reservoir is full it has a drain hole on the side that water comes out of to let me know it is full. (Which is also nice if you get lots of rain so the plants don't sit in water)  so basically I watered them a few times at the top until the plant was established, and now I do not
have to water these very often and so my opinion so far is:
 I am a kind of a fan of self watering containers.

I also purchased these Large size grow domes/garden cloches..  I don't ever want to be without them.
(I think I may order a Medium size as well.)
They work like a greenhouse, have air holes at the top that can be opened or closed and also come
with stakes to hold it down.  Although I prefer landscape stakes personally.
I am very impressed at how my starter plants have grown, in fact the plants under the domes
were only planted a very short time before I took that photo.

To try to put that in better perspective, the 2 tomato plants that you can see in the second planter I actually planted the one under the dome a couple weeks after the one that didn't have a dome.
The one with the dome has outgrown the dome quickly, is a much sturdier plant, and
actually already has small tomato's growing.
So am I impressed? Yes..... yes I am.

In fact I have had to remove the domes,  and have also staked my tomato plants.

Photo taken 5/10/18: 

Photo taken 5/18/18:

(you can barely see my hanging basket behind the tomato's now)

Because I am so happy with how these are going,
(no crabgrass)  I am definitely wanting to do raised beds.
So it has been added to my to do list and I am debating where I want to put it,
and how I want to build them, design the area and so on.
Hopefully I can get to that soon.

For now I am really liking these and thinking about ordering another
until I get my permanent raised beds figured out.  Small Herb garden perhaps.

Do you have a raised garden bed? If so, how do you like it?
What did you use for the structure, and how they are holding up?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.

                                                                   - TinaH


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My Inexpensive Hanging Planters

If you follow me then you know I recently built a rustic fence across my front yard and I
decided I wanted to place some sort of hanging baskets so I could plant some flowers along it as

I looked at purchasing some but decided to see if I could make something at a better
price point since I was thinking I wanted several and that would get expensive rather quickly.

I found a roll of 1/2" hardware cloth wire that cost less than the price of one hanging basket
and decided to see what I could come up with using the roll of wire.
So I basically shaped it, wired it together, and used landscape fabric to hold the soil/flowers.

So far I have made 4 planters out of one roll,  I think I could probably get 2 more out of the same
roll. (the roll of wire was approx $10.00)

However, I really want to see how they do first.

The cut edges are sharp,  and I did end up with a few scratches etc.. :0)
Inexpensive is nice, but sometimes the extra cost of something can be worth it too Lol :0)

Here is the one that I made and placed on our deck..
(You can see in this picture how I folded the edges over to help reduce the sharp edging)

It is doing really well and I love how it looks.

And here are the 3 that I placed on the fence as of now.

I chose to plant creeping jenny, petunia's, and alyssum

So far so good.. and I think if they do well and the plants fill in they will be a lot prettier.

I am really curious to see how they do in a few weeks.

I may end up changing these out for something bigger.
(I am thinking something similar to this oneor perhaps even this one  since it is less expensive and might actually be a really fun shape to put there)

If I do change them out I will definitely be moving these to our deck.
I really like the look of the planters, (especially at the deck).
I am basically debating if they are substantial enough for the fence as they kind of disappear right now to me, and don't really stand out like I would like them to.. so I guess I am trying to be patient and see if the flowers fill in very quickly or not.

But either way, I am enjoying them.

So many yard projects going on..   Love spring time and working outdoors.

I think (so far) I have planted 5 tree's (3 brandywine maple/corkscrew willow/flowering pear),
12 evergreens (blue spruce, dwarf blue spruce, dwarf alberta spruce and so on.),
I also started a hedge of boxwood, and about a thousand other plants.. (slight exaggeration) Lol :0)

I decided this is the year that I finally plant more tree's and there are still more I want to get..
I am enjoying thinking about how I want it to look and how it will look a few years down
the road.    I am the type that likes projects and lots of them.. just ask my husband. :0)
I think this year has been probably even more so since my youngest also moved out for
school and it has been good to keep busy if ya know what I mean.
(miss my kiddo's)

So have you had any fun garden projects going on?

                                                                                  - TinaH

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Favorite Gardening Tools and Gadgets

Since I have been spending a lot of my time working in our yard.. a lot.. as in just
about every free moment that I have weather permitting. :0)

I thought I would put together a few of my absolute favorite garden tools and gadgets.

First up.. my adjustable rake!
I decided I wanted to get a new rake and this is the one that I chose.
Seriously, I do not know what I did before I bought this..  in fact I really want and plan to
get another so I have a back up in case something ever happens to this one..
that is how much I like this tool.   It works soooo much better than our old one does.
It adjusts from a smaller sized/tighter tines to a wider angle and it works so well.
It is a definite must in my book.

My collapsible wagon/cart.
I use this thing.. all    the    time!

I haul my plant starter, shovels, rake, loppers, hand tools, scissors, landscape fabric (one of best in my opinion), landscape staples, mulch, plants, and all sorts of stuff around the yard with this thing! 

I have actually even hooked it to my atv to haul around the yard with some heavier items such as potting soil/mulch when I didn't want to pull it by hand.

Yep it is another must in my garden arsenal, plus when not in use it collapses into a compact
size for storage which is really nice.

(*I also have a much bigger heavy duty trailer that I normally use with my atv for hauling the 
heavier items, such as: decorative rocks/a lot of dirt/sod/several bags of mulch etc.)

A good pair of gardening gloves.
My hands really appreciate it when I remember to wear them. :0)

A watering wand.. I couldn't find my exact one but this one is very similar.  I have a lot of plants
to water and several new tree's and evergreens that I have planted this year and having a 30" wand helps because you don't have to bend over to get the water at the base of the plant..
a must have when you have a lot of planting area's and tree's to cover like I do.

There are so many things I could name here..
garden cloches , (or hotkaps), good pair of pruners, soil thermometer, watering can,
hand trowel/hand tools, and on and on.

My studio has been turned into a faux greenhouse for the past several weeks
as I had been picking out plants here and there but really needed to be patient until
the temperatures cooperated.
So glad I have been able to start planting!

I would love to have a small greenhouse/cold frame. 
I have been looking on/off at some seeing what is out there and comparing.
Any recommendations?
Also what are some your favorite gardening tools/gadgets?

Thanks for stopping by.

                                                                                                           - TinaH

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