My Budget Friendly Wooden Crate DIY Shelf for the guest bathroom

Our guest bathroom is probably pretty typical and on the smaller side.
I was wanting a new option for a shelf to put a few decorative items
on as well as keep some towels on.

I searched online but most shelving options I found were too deep and
I knew they would just stick out too far into the space, or just
to big overall for my liking.

I had came across the wooden crates while shopping around,
and I stacked a couple of them in the store to  get a visual of the size,
and after contemplating that option a few days.
I chose to go back and get them.

I placed them in the bathroom to see how they would work and if they would
function for what I wanted and after I decided they would, I started searching
for some wood feet for my soon to be shelf.

For the Garden Finds

I am in spring cleaning mode.. but I am also in gardening mode.
Anyone else?

We recently stopped by a garden center we had never been to and of course
I found some things to bring home.. but there were so many I would have
liked to.

I thought it would be fun to put together a few 'Garden Finds' to share
as I am searching for some fun inspiration and items for my own garden.

I have one like this and I think this statue is just adorable


This bird bath has good reviews, and is very inexpensive as well.
It has a pretty vintage look, I wonder how it would do in a stronger wind though.
I have a concrete one in the front yard,  that I am actually creating a large flower bed
around, but I would like to put one in the back.   I think if  it
was placed in an area that doesn't get full on wind it would probably do well and
it looks like it does come with some stakes.

Hummingbird feeders have come such a long way! 
They have such pretty options nowadays.

Loving this one, so pretty.

Planters..   I am always on the lookout for new planters.
I like all sizes but I prefer larger ones.    They can be quite pricey,
and I certainly have a couple on my wish list.
Here are few options in case you are looking as well.



I have been looking at arbors, as well as garden bench options
as I have a place in mind to put one,
and here are a couple of my favorite benches that I have found so far.


There are so many fun items for the garden..
the yard really is like an extension of your home
and if you have followed me very long you probably know I
am a huge fan of gardening and just being outdoors in general. 

Have you found any new items for your garden this spring?

- TinaH

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Organization Items Haul and Organizing My Laundry Room

I thought I would share some of the organizational items that I have picked up lately.
(and I also tackle organizing my Laundry room) 

I have been on the search for items for spring cleaning and organizing some area's
in our home.

I picked up some items from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart,
and also ordered  a few things online from Amazon.

I found these bins at Dollar Tree, and I picked up 3 gray and 3 white.

I also picked up a set of 3 terra cotta pots while I was there, and this fun little glass jar.

Painting my Kitchen Project and a look at where it started

I finally narrowed down the color that I wanted in my kitchen, so we decided to go
to Home Depot to pick it out.

I knew I wanted to go with a shade of white and finally chose the color Shoelace after looking
at just about every shade of off white/white that they had about 450 times or so.. 😉

Anyone else have trouble picking paint colors? Lol.

Running Errands and a little Organizing - DITL

I thought I would share a kind of a 'day in the life' post with you today.

I had some errands to run and decided that I was going to run in the store for a few
things and just take my time to look around.

Most of the time I have a shopping list, get what I am after and get out. Lol.
However this time I just wanted to take a little time to look around and see if anything
caught my attention or would work for spring cleaning projects that I am working on.

I actually ran across an item that I wasn't even looking for in the store, but
had been looking for something similar to it online.
So that made the trip a huge success to me.

I had been wanting to find some sort of organizational item to downsize
some papers and items that I had kept over the last several years from my kids.

Budget Friendly Organization Idea's - Photo's

I have been sorting, getting rid of, and organizing pretty much all over the house.

One of the things I have always put off however are all of the items that I have saved
over the years from our kids schoolwork, artwork, school programs, field trips, and so on
and of course all of our photographs.  (yikes)

Well I finally did it.
I have started tackling the photo's..  thousands and thousands of them.
Not kidding.    Yep, I am one of those moms. :0)

I have to laugh at how many pictures that I took and prints that
I made of some things.   Lol.   
I have come to the realization I do not need to keep every photo that I took
and had printed.
Of course back in the day you used film, then dropped it off to be developed
so everything you took a photo of was printed out, good or not, focused or not, etc.
Anyone remember those days? 
Picking up your pictures and seeing what you actually took photo's of and how
they turned out was kind of a your fingers crossed hoping all were good kind of
moment. 😉

I have been going through the years of photo's and putting them together by year and
event, and this is how I am keeping track of them.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faux Barn Wood Backsplash Update - One Year Later

If you have followed my blog then you know I made some pretty big
changes to my kitchen last year.

From adding a faux barn wood backsplash that I actually made
using leftover flooring and some paint that I had on hand,
to eventually painting my oak cabinets white.

However if you haven't seen it, here is a quick before and after:

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It has been an entire year now since installing my backsplash so I thought it
was a great time to put together an update and let you know how it has held up
thus far and my thoughts on it.

(I also made a short video/vlog on my backsplash - link is near the bottom of 
this blog post if you'd like to check it out)

Save Vs Splurge Valentines Day Gifts

In thinking about the upcoming Valentines Day holiday, and planning
what I am going to do for my family,   I thought it would be fun to put together
a Save Vs. Splurge gift list and do some fun comparisons.

(*prices quoted were prices at the time I put this post together and could
change at any time)

    Save                Vs.              Splurge

Keto Pancakes or Waffles Recipe

There are a few things I miss while eating Keto/Low carb,
but can usually find a pretty good substitute for a lot of them.

However, pancakes... I had not found one I liked.
(or even close to liking)

Organization - Tackling the Catch All Cabinet in the Kitchen

This project has been long overdue, but I finally decided today was the day.

It was time to organize, declutter, deep clean, sort through,
and basically tackle the catch all cabinet that is in the kitchen.

It happens to be the cabinet under the sink.
For some reason things just tend to get put there from time to time and it has
become some sort of a mess in there.

My first Grove Co. Order (cleaning video)

After some thought I decided to place an order with this company. (grove co.)
The products they carry are suppose to be all natural and I certainly like the idea of 
less chemicals being introduced into my home.

Another reason I decided to order is that I also have extremely dry skin on my hands 
throughout the winter months and I am hopeful the all natural products will be
a lot less harsh on them. (to be determined) :0)

Budget Friendly Organization Finds - office

Since I have been in organization, declutter mode and looking at different
items to make just make life easier I thought I would put together a
budget friendly version of some organizational products that I have come
across in my search.

(this post is not sponsored, 
just sharing things I like/use, (*affiliate links) and all opinions are my own)

So here we go..

I am going to start with photo's.
(Not necessarily always kept in an office space.) 

Spring Cleaning Take 2 - Bathroom Vanity

I am keeping the momentum going in my Spring Cleaning Adventure
and this may very well end up being an entire series of posts.

(If you missed my first post on how I tackled my dresser drawers,
including a short video :0) you can see it here.)

This time I am going to conquer the master bathroom vanity
and give it a quick refresh.

That is probably one of the worst places for me to keep organized.
It seems like when I am in a hurry that is usually the place where things get
tossed into a drawer or in the cabinet instead of in a proper designated spot.
I do have organizational items in place, but I feel like there is certainly room
for improvement so that is on my list of To Do's.

For now I am simply going to work on getting rid of the obvious,
and focus on getting the space back in order.
Just quickly get rid of boxes, items that are not used or outdated, and
putting items back in a somewhat organized fashion.

I am not focusing on meticulously making myself make a decision on
every item as to whether I really need it/use it/want it taking up space etc.
(I actually do plan to tackle our space soon with that in mind!)

So for my quick refresh, I start by clearing out the cabinet.. and the drawers.

Spring Cleaning So it Begins (video)

I am in spring cleaning mode and ready to tackle the "stuff" that we have
accumulated over the years.

I am also quite ready for spring for that matter, and ready for all the outdoor
projects that I want to work on.. but I will settle with getting the indoors
in order for now and when the nicer weather rolls around I will be
able to spend even more time outdoors.

I am ready to declutter, purge, clean it out, organize it, let go of, and basically
have less NOISE from all the stuff that has kind of taken over around here.
We need a little breathing room on our shelves, in our cabinets, closets, and
so on.

Aaaah.. deep breath and let's do this.

Spring Cleaning Adventure take 1..

Tackling my dresser drawers.

My dresser drawers are usually organized fairly well, but it was time for a refresh.
They were getting way too crammed with stuff..   ya know if the drawers are
giving you fits opening and shutting them then it is time for a overhaul of sorts.